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Become a Coworking Member and Get Gigs from Signature Living!

PUBLISHED 04/27/2017

Freelancing is tough at the best of times, as is starting any new venture whether you’re alone or in partnership with others. The toughest part is usually when you venture out alone in the world of work for the first time. Getting regular supply of work is the ultimate goal but to get there, you invariably have to work like a Trojan and for not much money just to get your foot in the door.

Signature Works makes things easy for you

Anyone in Liverpool who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past decade will have heard of the Signature Living brand. You’ll recognise the name as being the developer behind some of the coolest hotels in Liverpool city or the brand responsible for the ultimate in affordable luxury with the Daniel House and Old Hall Street residential developments.

The force majeure behind Signature Living’s success is human powerhouse Lawrence Kenwright, the hard-core Liverpudlian intent on bringing his home city back to its former glory. After seizing a large slice of the real estate development sector in Liverpool, Kenwright is now turning his attention to the latest emerging market – coworking or flexible office space.

Signature Works is more than A Cool Place to Work

Signature Works coworking members will be fast-tracked to hundreds of work contracts Signature Living hires for each year. In no other coworking location anywhere in the world is it possible to find yourself selected for a lucrative contract by such a significant brand as Signature Living.

The idea is that our coworking locations become talent pools from where Signature Living and ultimately other local businesses will appoint contract workers. Whatever your skills and experience, the brand is so diverse that there is likely to be something for everyone but to be visible to the talent seekers at Signature Living, you have to become a coworking member of Signature Works.

Can you see yourself working for a brand like Signature Living?

Since 2008 when Signature Living was founded, the brand has expanded at an incredible rate. Where the rest of the UK was struggling to recover after the credit crunch, Signature was making leaps and bounds to expand its portfolio to an impressive size, developing properties like luxury hotels, executive residential apartments and most recently coworking spaces.

With three coworking locations opening in the coming months in the centre of Liverpool, Signature Works has already recorded significant interest from the local freelance and SME community. If you work independently and want to make sure you’re connected to a solid supply of contract work, Signature Works coworking Membership is a MUST.

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