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Key Advantages of Serviced Offices for Business Owners

PUBLISHED 04/18/2018
Young racially diverse group of business executives brainstorming together in the conference room to determine which company values they feel are required by their company's employees.

Renting an office can be expensive and normally you will be bound to a fixed contract length which means you can potentially be tied into that space for a number of years. When you consider that, you will also have bills to pay and you’re responsible for furnishings, the costs soon add up.

A benefit of working from a serviced office is that you pay on a pay-as-you-use contract meaning that you only pay for the time you have spent at the office and facilities you have used. Another advantage of serviced offices in Liverpool is that you will be located at our impressive Bling Bling Building, which comes with a wealth of additional benefits.

Added flexibility with Short Term Lease Agreements


At Signature Works, because you only pay for the serviced office time that you need, you can enjoy the flexibility of working around different people, something which is great for freelancers or start-up businesses who looking to expand their connections as they grow their business.


Extra Services


At a serviced office space, you will only pay for the facilities that you have used. In addition to the serviced office spaces we provide, you will have free access to our state of the art meeting rooms as well as break-out spaces. Plus, if you’re feeling fit, you can also attend one of our Signature Fit classes but be warned, they are intense!


Quicker & Easier


Moving to a new office can bring some downtime when you are setting up office equipment and communication lines and this can seriously affect the productivity and performance of your business. Another benefit of serviced offices is that all the facilities you need are already set up as soon as you want to start work – there is no waiting around.


Use of State of the Art Equipment


Our serviced office spaces in Liverpool are kitted out with the latest state of the art technological equipment to allow you to maintain a high-level business operation. Buying equipment to use in a fixed lease office can be costly but when you use a serviced office space, the cost of the equipment that you use is already incorporated into your monthly fee.


Office Maintenance & Cleaning


Maintaining and cleaning an office can take time and cost money but the advantage of working out of a Signature Works serviced office is that you get free workstation cleaning. You also don’t have to spend money and time on the recruitment of maintenance and cleaning staff. In a serviced office space in Liverpool, the cost of cleaners is included in your monthly fee.

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Moving into to serviced office in Liverpool has many benefits when compared to renting or leasing a traditional office space. Before you commit to a costly, long term contract consider the benefits of a serviced office at Signature Works today.

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