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Learn How to Fund Your Business from Signature Boss Lawrence Kenwright

PUBLISHED 04/20/2018

On 27th April, Lawrence Kenwright will be hosting another highly popular ‘Up close and Personal’ event in Signature Works’ offices at Liverpool’s Bling Bling Building at 69 Hanover Street. In what has become an extremely compelling series of business master classes from Liverpool’s most successful entrepreneur, Lawrence will focus on the most effective ways new businesses can raise funding to promote growth.

With several decades of experience in growing new businesses from ground level, Lawrence Kenwright is in the perfect position to provide valuable insights to Signature Works members, who are all at the starting grid of their careers. Previous ‘Up Close and Personal’ events Lawrence has hosted at Signature Works’ trendy city-centre offices have been full to capacity, with Signature Works members benefitting from Lawrence’s significant experience in building his brand to become instantly-recognised throughout the Northwest of England.

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Imparting Valuable Knowledge Gained from Signature’s Expansion


The next event will be focused on the methods new businesses and freelancers can use to get funding to propel growth. Presenting a compelling opportunity to potential investors to fund a new enterprise takes a certain level of skill. Devising a business model that provides valuable returns to people committing their capital to a startup is crucial to successfully achieving inward investment and this is an area Signature has extensive experience in.

According to research, around 40% of new businesses in the UK don’t last more than five years due to their inability to get funding to continue operating. This is a significant portion of Britain’s business community and includes freelancers and independent contractors.

The Signature brand is now recognised as one of the UK’s most expansive developers, after almost a decade of implementing a successful strategy of acquiring, developing and operating numerous properties including hotels, bars, restaurants, flexible offices, gyms and residential development. This success has almost entirely been leveraged on private capital Signature has raised through the years and the resulting strong relationships with investors who continue to fund our expansion.

Find out how to raise the funds you need to make your business grow from the man who has achieved it over and over, Lawrence Kenwright. Admission to ‘Up Close and Personal with Lawrence Kenwright’ is FREE although the knowledge you will gain will be invaluable for your business prospects going forward.

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