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Questions To Ask Before Joining a Co-Working Office Space

PUBLISHED 04/16/2018

Co-Working is rapidly becoming a popular, flexible alternative to having to work from home or leasing expensive office space. Using a co-working office space is a thrilling way to restyle your relationship with work. Our Liverpool based coworking office space allows you to reap the benefits of being in a creative environment at a fraction of the cost of a fixed lease office – as you only pay for the time you need.

If you are thinking about joining a co-working space like Signature Works, then check out our questions below on everything you should ask before joining.

1. Is the Co-Working Office Space in a Good Location?


By joining Signature Works’ co-working space, you will have the chance to work in one of the city’s most prestigious districts, which is conveniently placed within walking distance of the city’s train stations and multi-story car parks. This is perfect for workers who live outside the city centre. Our co-working space allows you to work from a space which perfectly suits your business and industry.


2. What Sort of Facilities are Provided?


We provide free, high-speed internet as well as on-site IT support. Our co-working office space allows workers access to lockers, FREE refreshments (including BEER!) and FREE use of our break out space. Private offices are available too, plus, you can easily book meeting rooms as well as attend our FREE Signature Fit fitness classes.

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3. Should I get a Dedicated Desk Space or a Hot Desk?


Our co-working space in Liverpool’s Bling Bling building can provide you with several options at a range of budgets. If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or just starting a business then our fixed desk package will give you a dedicated space to work and collaborate from, in a great networking environment as you grow your company. Consequently, our hot desk package allows you to work at different desk locations every day, surrounded by a range of people so you can actively network whilst you work.

4. Are there any Networking Opportunities?


At Signature Works, we host weekly Business and Networking events every Friday morning which allows both our members and non-members to learn from Industry Leading Professionals. From tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle to discovering what our CEO, Lawrence Kenwright would do, our events will help your business grow and they’re the perfect opportunity to expand your connections within Liverpool.


5. Will Co-Working Be Right for Me?


Our co-working space in Liverpool is full of like-minded individuals from Accountants to First Aid Trainers. All of our members are from a wide range of professions and we attract both like-minded people from similar industries and workers from completely different sectors. By joining Signature Works, you will have the chance to converse and build your professional network without leaving your desk.

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So, there you have it, a comprehensive guide of questions to ask when searching for the right co-working space for your business. If you’d like to learn more about  Signature Works’ co-working memberships then get in touch with our team today via phone on 0151 558 1566 or click here to book a tour.

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