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Lawrence Kenwright, CEO of Signature Living Seeks Rising Stars for Personal Mentoring

PUBLISHED 04/22/2018

The Signature brand is fast becoming the most recognised in the UK, with an expansion programme that is turning heads throughout the hospitality industry. A unique formula for acquiring, developing and operating luxury hotels in heritage buildings that each have a story to tell, has positioned Signature Living as an award-winning brand that is seriously going places.

Lawrence Kenwright has been at Signature’s helm since he founded the business in 2008, and in the following years has risen to become one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs. Now, he is looking for three apprentices to join him in his Signature Works Mentoring Programme where over a three-month period, selected candidates will shadow the brand’s chairman for three months, learning how he runs his business and gaining valuable insights into winning at work.

Lawrence Kenwright

Mentoring Programme Builds on Huge Success of Signature Works Flexible Offices


The brand’s flexible office provider, Signature Works at the Bling building on Liverpool’s Hanover Street, will be the hub from which the mentoring scheme will operate. The three appointed apprentices will have unprecedented access to Lawrence and his senior management team to hone their existing business or potential business ideas.

Speaking of the scheme Mr Kenwright said: “I want to give every small business in Liverpool a boost and this is the start of a long-term commitment by Signature Works”.

Passing on his knowledge and experience is only one-way Kenwright and Signature Living are helping the small and fledgeling business community of Liverpool. The company recently announced that all its new supplier agreements and contracts would first be awarded to Signature Works members.

It is estimated that Signature Group has over £300million in contracts to give away this year alone.

Along with providing low-cost offices on flexible terms and event space, Signature Works is where Lawrence Kenwright and his team provide guidance and advice to members on a daily basis to boost their business development. From finding manufacturers and suppliers through to devising a marketing strategy or generating sales leads, the Signature senior management team are always on-hand to impart their expert knowledge.

The Signature Works Mentoring Scheme is open to anyone and represents a fantastic opportunity to kick-start growth for your new or existing business. Learning about how to navigate an extremely competitive business landscape first-hand, from a man who has done exactly that to great success in the past ten years is an opportunity not to be missed!

To sign up for the scheme, you are invited to attend Lawrence Kenwright’s next “Up Close and Personal” event which is to be held on Friday 27th April from 8.30am at The Bling Bling Building, 69 Hanover Street, Liverpool.

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