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Signature Living’s Marketing Guru to Host More ‘Social Media Surgeries’

PUBLISHED 12/04/2017

Getting your head around marketing with social media can be really difficult for many small businesses and freelancers. How do you find followers who are potential customers? How do you engage interest in your brand through social networks? How can you improve SEO so that more people engage with your social profiles?

These are among the questions answered by Signature Living’s Social media and SEO specialist Lee Hill who hosted his first surgery in mid-November. Focusing on various aspects of this niche area of marketing to give more understanding of how to get the most from tracking and analytics, Lee was able to demystify the complexities of social media marketing to an audience comprised of Signature Works members and people from Liverpool’s bustling business community.

Harnessing the power of social media to grow business is something that still evades many firms and Lee has direct experience of building social marketing for Signature Living that now drives more than 65% of room sales across the firm’s hotel estate.

The event proved a huge success with our members keen to find out more about how to increase their social media presence and leverage it to achieve more sales.

By popular request, Lee will be hosting another surgery this Friday, the 8th December at the Bling from 8.30am.

Tickets can be booked here

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