10 Things Employers Want in Their Office


It’s so important to ensure that the office space you’re considering has everything you require. Having to compromise or make do with a space that does not have the facilities your company needs can add to stress levels and result in lengthier processes. In the worst case, it could even mean poor job satisfaction and the loss of valuable members of staff. So what are the top ten things you should consider when looking for office space?




Luckily, accessible spaces are becoming easier and easier to come across due to legislation and movements promoting equal opportunities. Most owners of premises now do all in their power to ensure that their spaces are easy for people of all abilities to use. However, some buildings are of listed status and only so much can be done to adapt them. If this is the case for any premises you’re considering, it may be worth looking for a location where access is slightly easier.




Nowadays, a workspace without WiFi is almost as useless as one without electricity! Depending on the businesses that use a certain building, staff members will likely have a myriad different gadgets and devices that will need a network to be usable. Building-wide WiFi is necessary to enable employees to connect, to access emails or the cloud, and to generally get things done.

Printers and Scanners


While a great deal is done electronically these days, and the world of business is gradually pushing for paperless offices in order to be more environmentally friendly, there are some things that just can’t be done without printouts. Having a printer, or multiple printers, in your office space will make life much easier for your employees, particularly if they are able to connect to them via the WiFi.


Kitchen Facilities


It’s great to be able to get out of the office for lunch, but this shouldn’t be your only option. Having the ability to make a cup of tea or coffee, store your packed lunch in a fridge or use a microwave or a sink and then simply pop back to your seat can be a major selling point for a location. Because of this, spaces without a readily available kitchen are usually much less popular than those that do.

Flexible Access


Flexible office space is currently taking the business world by storm. The opportunity for twenty-four hour access is a dream come true for the many companies who don’t work a regular nine to five day, and, with shared workspace also available, it means that the landlords aren’t always relying on your rent alone – so these kinds of locations are often a great deal cheaper than simple, fixed lease offices.




It goes without saying, but pre-furnished offices are often greatly preferred by prospective renters. While a “blank slate” can often represent an opportunity and the freedom to create a space that is right for you, finding the right equipment for your office is costly, takes time and often monopolises logistical resources and “brain space” that could otherwise be used in the running of the company itself.



Working in a clean room improves staff morale and gives a good impression to visitors and contractors. Of course, coming in early or staying behind to make sure the vacuuming and polishing is done is not something many employees wish to do after a long and stressful day at work, and it’s not often part of the typical office worker’s job description. A good landlord will either hire their own cleaning team or come to an agreement with an agency, meaning that the task of keeping your office clean is taken off your hands and away from your budget.


Changing Rooms with Showers


It is often the case, particularly in busy urban centres, that many staff members prefer to commute to work on foot or by bicycle in order to avoid the worst of the traffic. Many locations support this as part of the drive to reduce emissions and improve the environment. Of course, after a vigorous walk or cycle, it’s often the case that workers feel they need to shower and ensure they’re neat and clean before they start the day. For this reason, office spaces that come with showering facilities are always popular.

Breakout and Meeting Spaces


There are naturally going to be times when members of your team will need a separate space, away from the main body of staff, to pursue different tasks or hold meetings or events. Having to book and pay for separate space week on week can amount to extra effort and stress that shouldn’t be necessary at all. Workspace that comes with exclusive meeting rooms or breakout areas is always preferred.


Pets Allowed


Taking care of a pet whilst working all hours of the day and night is a big commitment and, if your office does not allow animals, things can become expensive. Many people who have no one at home to take care of their furry friend have to rely on a dog walker or a pet sitter, but renting a location that welcomes pets gives your business a caring and warm side to its identity, and will make life so much easier for your employees.

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