Why Joining Signature Works is Good Business Strategy

It’s well documented how startups like Uber, Instagram and Wanderfly have reaped the benefits of coworking but there are many interesting ways that every business can leverage their shared workspace. In fact, these benefits help explain why there are 10-times as many coworking spaces around the world today than there were just 5 years ago. … Read more

Does WeWork Corporate Deal Mean the Traditional Office is Dead?

Global mega-corporate IBM has just signed a deal with coworking space provider WeWork that will see its staff take over an entire flexible office location in New York. The deal builds on WeWork’s success in providing flexible workspaces for startups and freelancers and shows the firm’s clear intention to extend its appeal into the lucrative … Read more

Dump the To-Do List and be More Productive!

Productivity is less about getting loads done than it is getting the important things done first. You need to prioritise to be productive but it’s easy to prioritise the wrong activities, especially when compiling a list of priorities. To-do lists often focus on important issues that feel pressing rather than on where your time can … Read more

UK Businesses Hiring More Freelancers than Ever

A report last month from freelancers’ website Upwork revealed that businesses are changing the way they hire. The online survey of over 1,000 hiring managers revealed that many businesses are increasing the number of freelancers they take on. Upwork CEO, Stephanie Kasriel said: “Businesses are scrambling to adapt and keep up with the rapid pace … Read more

Demand for Flexible Office Space Set to Grow in London’s Outer Boroughs

London’s workers are redefining office space, with many looking for shorter commutes, demanding more collaborative and networking opportunities while at work and better access to green space, retail, leisure and wellness; all of which could present a huge opportunity for the less congested outer London boroughs, a new report suggests. According to Savills latest London Mixed … Read more

Why You Should Consider Freelancing in 2017

Have you always wanted to make more money or have greater control over your work schedule? One way to achieve these is by switching to a freelance career. Yes there are risks involved, but freelancing is on the rise. Over in the US, 35% of the workforce is freelancing, according to “Freelancing in America: 2016,” … Read more

Startup Success Stories from Early Beginnings in Coworking Spaces

Startup businesses from all sectors have enjoyed enviable success in recent years, with coworking spaces playing a vital part in springboarding growth. By the end of this year, there will be 1.2 million people working in at least a one of the 14,000 coworking spaces worldwide. Clearly, coworking is a global trend that’s reshaping the … Read more

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