5 Benefits of Hot Desking for your Freelance Business


The digital age is shaping the way we work and in a study by Timewise over half the UK workforce would like the opportunity to work in a more flexible way, and over recent years the number of people leaving big businesses to set up their own small start-up or freelance business has continued to increase rapidly.

With more and more people beginning to work from home offices and flexible workspace solutions such as hot desking, where they no longer have to be tied to a desk from 9-5 every day and can enjoy a more flexible lifestyle instead, we thought we’d take a look at some of the benefits hot desking offers freelancers and start-up businesses.

So, read on to learn just how you could benefit today


Cost Saving

One of the biggest advantages of hot desking for freelancers and start-up businesses is the cost saving that hot desking provides. The typical office provides two things: a place for employees to work and a site for storing tech.

SaaS (software as a service) solutions, lighter more mobile technology and accessibility of high-speed broadband and VOIP mean that those two things no longer need to be located at a single site, meaning that freelancers and start-ups can significantly reduce their expenses with alternative solutions.

Additionally, most hot desking contracts – including ours here at Signature Works – are on a rolling monthly basis, meaning that you aren’t tied down to a long 12-month contract which the typical office space solution requires.

Furthermore, hot desking cuts the costs of things like electricity, gas and water bills as these are included in the cost, again reducing the monthly overhead you need to worry about, which can be a huge help as you get started in your freelance carer.[/vc_column_text]



Hot desking solutions are intrinsically social, as you share a creative space with other like-minded individuals; you never know who you’re going to be working next to on a daily basis, which can be brilliant for finding new business, collaborators and gaining referrals.

This self-contained community that hot desking provides you with removes the loneliness of working from home and allows you to improve productivity.

You’ll also find hot desking creates a sharing environment where members help each other out with the benefit of their particular skill set and career experience. This engenders a sense of community that grows together, where support is freely given and successes jointly celebrated, which is an unbeatable benefit for freelancers and startups.


New Locations

Another benefit of hot desking is that it lets you experience a new environment and location, be that simply a different location than your home office or client site that you may usually work at or a different office building or desk each day.

As an independent worker, we’re sure you can appreciate the benefit a different perspective can offer for a project or assignments that’s become a challenge and that includes your working environment.

It’s easy to become too immersed in your work when you are your own boss and a change of scene can often lead to a lightbulb moment!


As a start-up business or freelancer, it’s often difficult to judge just how quick you are going to grow, in our minds we, of course, all have our laid-out growth plans and the beauty of shared office space environments is that they allow us to easily scale up or down depending on our growth.

A study by Deloitte and THNK discovered that 85% of successful start-up businesses adopt a flexible and scalable model, avoiding the often lengthy locked-in contracts that the traditional office space environment forces you to commit to.

Not only will this keep your business adapting to change, but allow you to move forward with ease and minimal ties.

Bonus Services

Maybe lower on the list of priorities of why you should choose to use a hot desking solution, but a fantastic benefit non-the less is all the added bonus services you get access to, which you’d probably only find working at a large company, such as free coffee and tea and Signature Fit Memberships amongst other benefits. And here at Signature Works, we have a whole host of benefits you get access to with our hot desking membership, from regular social events and business workshops, free fitness classes, access to meeting rooms, and advice from leading industry professionals.

So, with those five fantastic benefits, cutting your overheads and providing endless networking opportunities for those early days of your start-up or freelance business, perhaps it’s time to consider hot desking? If so then get in touch with our expert team today and discover all the brilliant benefits we offer here at Signature Works and get yourself booked on a tour of our creative office spaces in Liverpool.

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