Advantages of Coworking and Why it Beats The 9-5


It won’t be long before everyone is doing it.

In some US cities, they’re already at it in great numbers and soon nearly half the American workforce will have come out of the closet.

In 2017, all around the world, workers are revolting and joining the coworking movement.

What we’re witnessing is a global reaction to the tired old way of working that sees hundreds of thousands of workers trudging relentlessly to the office to step on to the 9-5 treadmill.

More Of Us Are Digital Workers

The way we work has only changed so dramatically because of the massive impact internet technologies have had on our lives. It’s never been easier to work for one employer or as a freelancer or even to launch your own tech startup, because we’re all open for business at any time of day and at pretty much any remote location.

This shift in consciousness has allowed workers to buck out-moded office traditions and embrace a new way of working that has been given its own name – COWORKING.

What The Hell Is Coworking?

The term coworking was first coined by Brad Neuberg in 2005 to describe his conception of a different way of working that’s more appropriate to the digital age.

He imagined offices becoming spaces where independent workers could come together, collaborate and reap the rewards of community, increased productivity and creativity.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”


Hence The Birth Of The Coworking Space

Since then collaborative work environments – also known as coworking spaces – have sprouted up most everywhere, from small towns in India to sprawling metropolises like New York and London.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of advantages and benefits of coworking so that you can see at-a-glance just why it is becoming the most common way of working today..

• Grow your business faster

• Expand your personal and professional networks

• Facilitate introductions

• Find new clients and grow your income

• Find talent and people to work with

• Hire and be hired

• Be more productive

• No distractions from family members

• No temptations from the fridge and TV

• Be more motivated to work by surrounding yourself of hardworking professionals like you

• Be more creative

• Share with soundboards that will improve your projects

• Better work-life balance

• Work in professional environment

• Get a professional working routine with your own schedule

• Work by yourself, not alone

• Eliminate isolation

• Increase self confidence

• Be healthier

• Better Internet connection

• Flexibility

• Reduce your commute

• Complement your work from home

• Cost efficient

• No utility bills

• No dealing with service providers and repairs

• And last but probably most important: happiness!

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