Being Courteous in a Shared Office Space


Occupying a co-working space is a positive thing. Of course, it is. Signature Works gives you a chance to work on your own business whilst surrounded by like-minded individuals who are aspiring to similar goals to yourself and your own team. But in terms of the long-term goal, the hope is that no one gets on each other’s nerves, which in all fairness is a very rare occasion. So how do ensure we aren’t getting under each other’s feet?

Respect Other Businesses

The best co-working spaces can understand a bit of rowdiness from time to time. A startup could be celebrating their first big client. Someone’s birthday could be celebrated ever so slightly. Seasonal holidays are joyous occasions. In those sorts of instances, a bit of noise can be tolerated, but it is common courtesy to ensure you are keeping your workspace focused on a normal day-to-day basis.

Although co-working is a fun and positive environment to work in, it is always best to make sure that you are allowing other businesses (possible collaborators in the future) to be getting on with their own work as you should be.

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The Space is Everyone’s, Not Just Yours

The biggest thing to take notice of in a co-working space is cleanliness and tidiness of the office. In your workspace, it is obviously up to you how your space is situated. Although, it is practical that your workstation is yours/your employees’ responsibility to keep clean and presentable. Of course, other businesses in the office space will not care about the state your workspace is in. However, this is as long as you understand that is your duty to take care of in general.

Think that working in the best co-working spaces would be up your street? Contact us and enquire about renting one of our Signature Works office areas!

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Everybody is in the Same Boat

The exciting prospect of building up your own business is when you begin to partake in meetings with potential and/or established clients. It signifies growth and success in what you have been working on tirelessly for months on end. It is important to stress that all shared workspaces tend to be completely fine with meeting clients or even interviewing potential employees in the collaborative workspace itself. Everyone is in the same boat when it comes to these situations.

However, if you yourself feel it is only fair to give others in the workspace a break from the revolving door of random people entering and leaving the collaborative workspace, then there are of course easy solutions to get around it without losing out on clients and/or employees to take on. Here at Signature Works, we have a range of Meeting Rooms available for members to use.

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