Benefits of Hot Desking


Hot Desking is a system that businesses employ to save space and reduce costs. It essentially revolves around employees having no set workspace or allocated desk, but instead simply finding an empty workspace to get on with their daily tasks. Companies like the BBC use the tactic for around a third of their employees. The desks that remain in the office space tend to be available upon a first come, first served basis.

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Does Hot Desking work?

If the primary purpose surrounding hot desking is to save money, then it has been reported to be a huge success. Businesses implementing the office strategy of hot desking describe savings of up to 30%! This saving comes from the reduction in space allowing teams to move to smaller offices or utilise the newly available space, thanks to their new flexible approach.

What are the benefits of Hot Desking?

Traditional office spaces commonly mean sitting at the same desk, on the same floor, surrounded by the same colleagues every day. Despite having a strong sense of familiarity and comfortability to it, this office set-up also has its downsides.

Restraining employees to a single space is known to have a negative impact on their productivity and collaboration with fellow employees. On the other hand, allowing employees to hot desk and work with different people with a different skill set can have considerable benefits to employee happiness and productivity.

Aside from these obvious benefits, hot desking can have the following benefits to businesses both small and large.

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If you’ve ever worked at your own desk, then you will be fully aware of how easy it is to allow empty mugs and wrappers to build up around your personal space. The implementation of hot desking forces employees to be much cleaner and reduces the opportunity for desks to become messy. Although staff can no longer add personal touches to their desk, the minimalistic approach will ensure your limited desk space remains tidy throughout the working week.


One of the most recognisable benefits to hot-desking is the social freedom which it presents. Hot desking not only allows but somewhat forces co-workers to meet new people. The flexible approach allows for improved communication between departments, even with those that haven’t been previously encountered.

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Putting your Employees First

For a workforce to be productive, it is essential that they are happy in the environment that they are working within. Some members of staff may work better in silent areas, while more creative roles may need the ability to converse with others to work at their best. Hot desking allows for employees to select an environment they feel they would work best in, without pinning them there for long periods of time!

Modernising Office

Hot desking gives you and your company opportunity to modernise the facilities and access that you and your employees have. Companies are now shifting their business systems to the cloud and therefore allowing co-workers to access everything they need from anywhere they like. Printing services and other amenities should be available to be accessed from anywhere in the building- further increasing the productivity of employees.

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