4 Companies That Started Off in A Coworking Space


All companies need to start somewhere and a co-working space in Liverpool could be the ideal location to begin your journey. Working alongside varying industries can be an excellent way to learn new ideas and improve your business. Still unsure if coworking spaces can push the success of your business? Here are a few worldwide corporations that began in a co-working office space.



Believe it or not, the app that has everyone posting pictures around the world grew from a very simple operation. Instagram founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, worked in a coworking space in San Francisco while they developed their app that has become a worldwide phenomenon. Within just 8 weeks, Systrom and Krieger had launched the app Instagram in 2010. Since then, the app has garnered millions upon millions of users, which led to the company being bought by Facebook for $1 billion under a decade after its launch.



Timehop, also a Facebook acquired application, was started by the app’s founder and CEO Jonathan Wegener in 2011. The app, as many of you might know, allows users to revisit their social media feed a year prior to the date they have gone on it. Wegener actually believes that the coworking space he worked within in New York City gave him an exceptional platform from which he could launch Timehop. He has gone on record as saying he believes many more technology-based start-up companies will originate out of coworking office spaces.



Deemed as an advancement in the taxi cab problems of San Francisco (and now the globe), Uber has grown from humble beginnings to a success story. In the years since it’s 2009 inception, Uber has begun the trend of “ridesharing”. The company was started by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in a coworking office where they met after growing sick of the pricing of San Francisco taxi services. Uber has since gone on to reach over 50 countries worldwide.



Also started through coworking in San Francisco, Spotify is a music streaming app that allows users to either listen to songs of their choice in a shuffle playlist or on demand if paying a monthly subscription. The app is another avenue down the music streaming path after the existence of companies such as Napster and iTunes. The idea of Spotify was birthed by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in a coworking space that allowed them to begin their venture humbly before growing into a company that is worth over £20 billion nowadays.


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