Confessions of an ‘Old Skool’ AdMan


My names’s Kent Laws, I’m 47 and I have a confession… I’m an ‘old skool’ AdMan! There I said it. Let the healing process begin.

I’m also the Marketing Director of Signature Works and I’d like to share an encounter I had yesterday.

An ex Ad Agency colleague said ‘Kent, why on earth would I base my business in a co-working location?’ Under normal circumstances this is an easy one to knock-out-the-park, and I started with the pitch about flexible all-inclusive pricing, no fixed contracts, free gym membership, the Signature Works Privilege Card, free tea and coffee, free beer for goodness sake…then I stopped.

Hang on.

This agency owner is not asking why he should base his business in any co-working location, he asking why he should base his business at a Signature Works co-working location, specifically The Cavern Walks on Liverpool’s Hanover Street.

I’ll tell you why he should up sticks right now…and I mean NOW! The Bling Building is also home to Signature Living’s marketing department…let me say that again…The Bling Building is also home to Signature Living’s marketing department.

Back in the nineties I was an agency owner too, along with my partners Ian Harrison and the late, great Nick Crossman. We did OK we had IKEA, Pitney Bowes, London Clubs International, Opel Europe, Hilton Hotels and various financial services clients.

However, if someone had given us the opportunity to sit next to the marketing department of one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK WE WOULD HAVE BITTEN THEIR HAND OFF!! Seriously? The ultimate no-brainer.

The marketing team at Signature Living is headed up by Lee Hill (one of the best people I’ve had the privilege to work with) Lee walks that floor, the same floor, my friend was dismissing as a passing fad. Well that’s his loss.

Here’s the deal. If YOU own an agency, if you’re a freelancer designer, a web developer, a content writer, an SEO expert, a PPC specialist, an illustrator, a copywriter… if you’re part of the creative community why would you NOT take the opportunity to base yourself smack bang in the middle of the Signature Living marketing department, they are so busy and are always on the look out for talented people. As am I for that matter.

Signature Works is about connectivity. Between members yes, but also the Signature Group of companies. Come and get some work… if you’re as good as your website says we’ll hand out creative briefs at will.

At the start of this article I said ‘I’m an old school AdMan’ one of the tell tale traits of people like me is that we were taught to ‘walk the corridors’ of a client’s office at every opportunity, introducing yourself and pitching the agency to anyone who would listen. Walking the corridors is one thing…. to actually sit on the same floor as the whole department is something else entirely, I know which I’d choose!

Call the membership team on 0151 558 1566 and put yourself and your business front and centre.

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