Discover The Cost of Office Space Per Employee in Liverpool


If your company works from a traditional office for a set number of hours per week, you may not be familiar with the concept of paying per employee for the use of your space. However, with the rise of numerous startups and more and more people working freelance or with flexible hours every year, the demand has risen for less “typical” spaces that offer more possibilities to work varied hours in a more fluid manner. Signature Works – an extension of the highly successful Signature brand of hotels – is a hospitality focused company that offers beautifully maintained workspaces throughout Liverpool City Centre. They have extensive firsthand experience of the requirements of companies working within an atypical format, and they know exactly how it is possible for those needs to be met in a way that is convenient and manageable, while at the same time proving financially beneficial for the businesses and individuals in question.

How Can I Save Money On My Office Space?


If you rent a typical office space all day, every day, for the whole year, you could be spending up to £4,000 per year more than you need to. For startups and smaller companies, in particular, this is a considerable sum of money to waste. According to Workplace, (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, you need to provide eleven cubic metres of space per person to operate legally within an office, so the more your company expands, the more space you’ll need and therefore, the more rent you’ll have to pay. However, the problems begin to arise when members of your team only come in on a part-time basis, or regularly work remotely or from home. You’ll suddenly find that you’re being charged a substantial amount for space you aren’t even using and that your overheads are considerably higher than they should be. On top of this, you may also be charged fees for the maintenance and cleaning of your office, as well as the stocking up of items necessary for the use of your amenities. Of course, there are far more practical and affordable ways to work.

Flexible Office Space


A relatively new phenomenon, flexible office space came into being as a response to rising demand for workspaces with more fluidity in terms of rental agreements. Here are a few of the options available:


Shared Office Space


A shared office space is perfect for those who do not require a large amount of space and are happy to share with others. Companies can rent space at any time of day, so if you don’t require desks throughout a typical nine to five working day, other organisations may use them at that time. This allows you to spread the cost of renting the space.

Co-Working Space


This type of space offers you the opportunity to pay “per head”, meaning that if you have colleagues that only join you in the office for a few hours per week, you only pay more for the period of time they are with you. For this reason, co-working spaces are often used by smaller companies and start-ups, as it is easier to keep track of who is where.

Hot Desking


With Hot Desking, you only pay for your desk or space when you’re actually using it. Again, freelancers and smaller organisations love this option – it means you can have a day out of the office without being charged for it anyway. Therefore, you have the freedom to come and go as you please.


All of these options also include the amenities and facilities you would usually find within a traditional office space, including meeting rooms available for use by companies that rent space with them. They are maintained by the organisation from whom you rent your space, which is another weight off your mind.

How Do I Begin Looking into Flexible Office Space?


There are opportunities to find flexible office spaces in almost any city centre due to their popularity within that particular kind of professional landscape. Signature Works offers superb flexible spaces in the heart of Liverpool City Centre – so you have a choice of location as well as the ability to select the type of office arrangement you would prefer. To get in touch with them, simply call today on 0151 558 1566 or email join@signatureworks.co.uk and one of their friendly advisors will be able to talk you through your requirements and work with you to find your perfect space today.

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