What is Coworking and What can it do for You?


Coworking has become something of a buzzword in progressive workplaces around the world although it’s still a relatively unknown concept in the UK.

Essentially, a coworking space is a flexible work environment where you can choose your level of commitment in terms of whether you rent a desk, a private office or meeting room.

The kind of workers who use flexible spaces are independent contractors, self-employed freelancers and small to medium businesses, who are not looking for a long term financial commitment when it comes to leasing workspace.

Signature Works offers more than just a desk in a trendy office. We believe that a coworking space should be a platform for our members’ success, supported by exclusive access to hundreds of contract opportunities from the wider Signature Group, one of the UK’s most expansive brands.

Coworking for Corporates

It’s not just freelancers and small businesses who are currently reaping the advantages of using flexible spaces. Over in the States, more large corporates in the digital sector, like Google and Facebook are moving staff into open plan work environments and offering them the freedom and flexibility of a coworking arrangement.

The improvements to productivity and reductions to operational overheads have proved significant for the digital titans and now, more corporates in America are switching to flexible work practices to improve their margins too.

Find out more about how Signature Works can benefit your career, boost your income and drastically reduce your overheads by downloading our special report: Supercharge your  Career with Coworking in 2017.

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