Why coworking is great for start ups


Starting up your own business is exciting and at times stressful. There are plenty of things to think about and lots of decisions to make. Where you work and whether you will always be based at home is one of them. If you want to keep costs low then chances are that you will decide to work from home. But why not consider coworking?

It might sound like the last thing you want to do, but coworking is a great idea for start-ups. Why is this? Here are some of the main reasons why we believe that coworking might just be the ideal option for your start-up.

1. It doesn’t cost the Earth

If you are trying to save money then working from home makes the most sense, after all, it is free. However, you may be surprised to learn that working in a shared office space isn’t that expensive. In fact it is perfect for those with their eye on the budget. Best of all, the money that you are paying out for working in the coworking space, will actually include WiFi, service charges, refreshments and other much needed services.

2. It is just the space that you need

For some small businesses, working from home may not ideal, particularly if you need to meet with clients etc or if you have employees working with you. Having a shared space means that you can have the premises that you need, which can grow with you over time. Best of all you won’t have to worry about making an investment into an office that isn’t fit for purpose after a few months. Cowering space grows with your business.

3. You can network whilst you work

Networking has to be one of the biggest benefits to working within a coworking space. You will have access to different people who may be best placed to answer any queries, questions or ideas that you may have. Not only this, but you may also find that some people working within the space will need your help, or can work with your business, which means that you could have a potential new client.

4. It looks professional

Whilst lots of people are supportive about small businesses and start-ups there are plenty who find a home address not quite as professional as one that is based in an office space. Not every start up can afford office space during those early days, but rather than have to worry about not appearing professional, you can use your shared office space as your address and customers will be none the wiser that you are just starting out.

5. They are often positive spaces

It can be hard at times to feel motivated when you work by yourself. Particularly if things are not going as well as you hoped they would. If you work alone at home then you may find yourself getting stuck in a bit of a rut, not able to get out. But if you work in a shared space, then you may find that the success stories, or the ambition of the other people around you will be enough to motivate you to keep on going!

So, there you go, just some of the reasons why coworking might just be the best idea for your start up and for your future success too.

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Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

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