Coworking: the myths


Have you considered coworking as an option for your start up or small business? If you have then chances are that you may have heard some of the myths that are going round about this shared approach to working space. The thing to remember is that they are just that, myths and in the most part 100% untrue.

So, what are the biggest myths about coworking:

1.You are going to stick out amongst a sea of hipsters

Whilst many entrepreneurs may be younger nowadays, that doesn’t mean that coworking spaces are going to be a sea of hipsters. In actually fact you may just find yourself surprised by the different types of people that share the space. Some will be young and trendy, some may be older and more street smart. No matter which category you fit into, you shouldn’t be put off trying out coworking.

2.They are noisy and it is hard to get work done

One of the biggest benefits of working from home is that you are going to be able to sit in peace and quiet and hopefully really focus on the work that you need to get done. In turn, a concern about social working spaces is that they will be noisy with plenty of people chatting and being social. Whilst this is sometimes the case, they can also be peaceful spaces where people are focused on getting their work done. Not only this, but being able to talk to people when you need to can actually be incredibly useful, particularly if you need a break away from the work you are doing.

3. All coworking spaces are the same

This really isn’t true. Whilst there are some similarities in coworking spaces, there are lots of differences too. Some are modern and feature high ceilings and acres of light, some are a little more old school. Some are in rural settings and some are in the middle of a city. The thing to remember is that just because one coworking space doesn’t work for you, that doesn’t mean that all of them won’t work for you.

4. You might as well hire an office

Some people think that if you are going to the effort to find and pay for a shared working space, then you might as well look into hiring an office space of your own. This isn’t entirely true, in fact, the two things are entirely different and suit different businesses. You may not be ready to hire an office space particularly in those early days, which means that paying out for an empty office or warehouse is the last thing that you budget needs!

Hopefully we have helped dispel some of the myths around coworking and helped you to make a decision whether or not this is going to be the right option for you and for the future of your business.

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