Five unusual benefits of co-working spaces


When it comes to debating the benefits of co-working, we see a lot of the same things being banded about. Networking, collaborating and flexibility are words that come up often. Now, don’t get us wrong, these things are certainly all true – and important –  but nothing we’ve not touched on before. So, what are the other reasons that make co-working so popular in today’s digital age?

In 2019 the global market value of co-working spaces, like ours, is approximately £20 billion – so there’s obviously advantages to becoming part of this community. Whether you’re new to remote working, or you can’t quite place your finger on what makes our environment so great – here are five overlooked benefits to working in a flexible workspace that you probably didn’t know.

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Free electricity? Yes please!

Whether you’re a freelancer or a start-up, we’re almost certain that you’ll have felt the sting of keeping on top of your utilities whilst trying to run your business from the ground up. It can be hard, for many reasons, to run your own business from home, but that’s where most of us start out – so imagine if you never had to pay a utility fee again!

When you decide to take your business to a co-working office, you’re saying goodbye to the monthly stress of monitoring your heating use, rationing out those brew breaks, and working by candlelight. Okay, we’re exaggerating, but it’s true that if you’re in the early days of business, not having those things to think about can be a massive relief.

It’s pretty good for your health

Working from home can be great, but it can also be incredibly lonely. We are social creatures after all, and even the most independent worker can find themselves going stir crazy with nobody to bounce ideas off or share a coffee with.

Amongst the obvious social benefits of a co-working office; productivity, creativity and accessibility to name a few, there is also the positive impact it can have on our mental health. When we take our business to a co-working office, we are able to draw a line between work and homelife and feel connected with the people around us.

It’s not just lone workers that have benefited from this either! A survey done in 2015 revealed that a huge 70% of people working in a co-working office felt healthier than they did when they worked in a traditional office setting.

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Become accountable for your time

It can be all too easy to lose accountability without a boss looming over your shoulder. We’ve all been there, you have the flexibility to work to your own schedule, so you drag a task out for hours, days or even weeks. But how can a co-working space make you more accountable for the work you do (or don’t do)?

In an environment where you’re surrounded with like-minded business people, there’s an automatic buzz of productivity that you can’t avoid. It’s this creative drive that makes people feel so much more productive when working from our office. And we’re not the only ones seeing this benefit, the same survey showed that 64% of co-workers felt better able to complete tasks on time, showing that it really does boost your business to work from a flexible office space.

You learn A LOT about business

Whether you’ve come from a nine to five office or have spent the last year working from your couch, there’s a lot you can pick up on your own when it comes to running a business. The internet is a font of information, and with the drive to learn, you can gain a real understanding about what you should, and shouldn’t, be doing to build your business.

However, there’s no better place in the world to learn hands-on business experience and knowledge than working in a co-working office. Reading articles written by experts is good, but speaking to the experts in a neutral, non-competitive environment is better – and that’s why our members thrive in our flexible office space.

Not only does our community work together to improve business prowess, but as a company, we also work hard to offer the best business contacts and opportunities to our members through the Signature Connect scheme.

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It looks cool!

Last, but certainly not least, is how working in a co-working office looks to your clients, and in one word – that’s cool. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than meeting prospective clients in a local café full of noise and distraction, it can often put you on the backfoot.

When you bring your client to your flexible office, you can impress with coffee, tea, or beer on the house – find yourself a spot to go through things and let the creative aesthetic guide the meeting.

Our co-working office is designed to inspire and offers a range of spaces you can go for a laid-back chat or productive meeting -you’ll never have deal with the chaos or unpredictability of finding a mutual meeting venue again!

Sound good? Why not join us? Want to become a member of our co-working community? Get in touch with us today!

If this all sounds great, but you’re not really sure where to start – then why not come for a free day trial to see what you think? No strings attached – you can test out our facilities and see if we’re a good fit for your business. Ring us today to chat through your options.

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