Why is Flexible Office Space the New Business Trend?


Flexible office spaces are becoming increasingly popular amongst freelancers and small start-up business, and with good reason. As the name suggests, this modern type of working environment offers maximum flexibility, allowing people to choose exactly where, when, and how they want to work – and it is now often favoured over conventional office leases and long-term office contracts.

In the following blog, we take a look at why flexible office solutions have become the latest craze in the world of business and outline the main advantages of this popular type of office space.

1: Increased Productivity


Office-based jobs have traditionally involved working 9-5, sat at a desk, with one hour for lunch. However, over the last few years, forward-thinking business owners and entrepreneurs have started to realise that such hours can actually de-motivate employees and reduce productivity.

By contrast, a flexible office solution – such as hot desking – can actually improve motivation and productivity. It gives you the freedom to choose when and where you work. You can work remotely from your home or head into the city centre office for a couple of hours, the choice is yours. Hot desking releases you from the ties of a desk and you are, effectively, free to do as you please.

2: Room for Growth and Change


For start-ups and small companies, signing a long-term lease for an office space can be quite risky. Businesses are continuously changing and, sometimes, it can be difficult to predict how well you will be doing in 12 months’ time – let alone in 5 years when the lease finally comes to an end.

This is one of the greatest benefits of a flexible office space. There’s no need to sign a long-term contract. You simply choose an office and time-frame that suits you at the time and, if things change in the future, you can either upgrade or downgrade your office space whenever you wish.

3: Stick to a Budget


By choosing a flexible workspace, you can rest assured, all facilities and services will usually be provided as part of your standard monthly rent. This includes everything from furnishings, building maintenance and cleaning services, to a reliable internet connection and working phone lines. There’s no need to worry about any hidden costs and it is much easier to budget your finances.

What’s more, you will only pay for the space that you actually need, whether that be one virtual office or five desks in a co-working office space. This level of flexibility can significantly reduce your monthly outgoings and will, ultimately, help to increase your bottom line.

4: Boost your Credibility


People are more likely to trust a business or brand if it has an official location. Yes, you may be happy working from home; but associating your business with a high-profile address can make a huge difference to your success. Not only will it boost your credibility and make a good impression on potential new clients, but it will also provide the perfect place to hold important meetings.

Opportunity to Network


Flexible office spaces, particularly co-working spaces, are a great place to meet other like-minded individuals. You will be surrounded by other business owners and entrepreneurs, from a range of different sectors, and there will be plenty of opportunities to network and share your knowledge.

Here at Signature Works, we also schedule regular networking events for our members. We’re all about bringing people together and we strive to engender new partnerships wherever possible.

If you would like to find out more about flexible office spaces and their far-reaching benefits, please feel free to get in touch with our team of experts here at Signature Works. We currently offer a range of flexible office solutions in Liverpool – including virtual office and hot desking membershipsdedicated co-working office spaces and serviced office spaces – and there is bound to be something to suit you. Either call us on 0151 558 1566 or email join@signatureworks.co.uk.

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