Getting the most from your signature works membership


Signature Works co-working Membership is one of the best investments you can make in your freelance career. On top of a professional working space, you get a full social calendar, a lot of networking opportunities, and the chance to swap ideas with likeminded people. However, there’s a big difference between sharing an office with strangers and actually joining a community.

Here are some tips for co-workers to help you get the best out of your SW co-working Membership:

Make Something Happen

Co-working is all about DIY. If you’ve got an idea, be proactive and make it happen – something you can do with ease when you’re a SW Member. Don’t just sit there and wait for an interesting event to come to you – start one yourself. The first step to becoming a part of our community is to get involved with something, or start something new and we’re always open to explore your ideas because it improves the level of service we provide you with as valued Members.

Forget the top-down hierarchy of your old workplace, where if you wanted to do anything, permission was always needed from the boss. Our co-working spaces belong to everyone. Whether you’ve been there five days or five years, you’ve got the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Remember, it’s your space and if there’s a resource or arrangement you need, don’t be afraid to request it – or better yet, collaborate with others to make it happen.

Your project doesn’t even necessarily have to be work-related. If you can’t think of a business-themed event you can always take the shortcut and put on a good old-fashioned booze session. As a suggestion, you could host your own weekly happy hour at the bar or cafe in your SW co-working space. It’s a great opportunity for people to meet each other and catch up on their projects from the workweek.

Come out of your shell

Overcoming your reservations is the biggest challenge for many co-workers, but a bit of self-confidence is essential if you want to be a part of the community. Don’t wait for someone to introduce themselves – be the one who starts the conversation. To begin with, co-working is much like being a stranger at a party. The trick is getting to know everyone quickly so that you become part of the crowd rather than observing from the side-lines.

Remember that it’s okay to start small. Co-working isn’t like speed-dating and there’s plenty of time to meet everyone. It is important to try to be outgoing and make casual introductions when you can. We suggest that you try to talk to at least one person a day. Most of us are a little inhibited or too busy to do this, but it will always yield a result. Conversation builds up trust, and no-one ever works with someone or makes a recommendation unless they feel trust. Just try it and see. You’ll achieve more from your Membership than cheap office space by engaging with fellow co-workers and giving your time to others.

The kitchen is an ideal place to make spontaneous contacts while you wait for the coffee machine. Make a point of at least saying hello in the kitchen because there’s always the chance of developing mutually profitable relationships that blossom and grow while working in our co-working spaces. Remember, you’re with kindred souls when you’re co-working and you can meet some really cool and talented people.

The moral of the story?

The common theme found within all these tips is that successful co-working takes a bit of motivation. It’s perfectly okay to use your space as nothing more than a shared office, but that wastes half of your money. Real value comes when you stop being a fly on the wall and start being an active member of our community. Talk to people, start new events, and be generous with your time and we guarantee that your career will thrive going forward.

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