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6 Great Places to Eat, Drink & Unwind in Liverpool City Centre

PUBLISHED 04/27/2018

Members of Signature Works will know that the Privilege Card unlocks a wealth of discounts in and around the vibrant city of Liverpool. Here we take a look at just 6 top spots in the UK’s most popular city for visitors, where Privilege Cardholders get even better value for money.

Pattersons Bar, Liverpool


Pattersons is a lively eatery that offers chicken, tunes, cocktails and beers and a fantastic atmosphere for meeting up with friends and family. Famous for its buttermilk fried chicken that is marinated for over 24-hours in a special blend of herbs and spices, before being soaked in buttermilk for an hour and then fried, Pattersons has the gift of making chicken dishes truly unique!

If chicken’s not your thing, Pattersons also offers a mouthwatering beef patty in a range of burgers that are every bit as delicious as their speciality chicken dishes. To wash everything down, Patterson’s has a great ales section where you can find the perfect accompaniment to any of their meals or if you prefer, they have a whole section dedicated to cereal-flavoured milk which is guaranteed to take you back to your youth.

Privilege Cardholders get a whopping 20% discount on all food in Pattersons from Monday to Sunday. Click here to book your next visit here. 


Aloha Bar, Liverpool


With its mantra of ‘Peace, Love and Hospitality’, the Aloha Bar is always guaranteed to give you the warmest welcome. Stepping down from the entrance to the Aloha’s basement haven allows you to leave all your troubles at the doorstep and enter an exotic world with its roots in Hawaiian and Polynesian culture.

Aloha Bar has all the ambience of an oasis in the heart of Liverpool’s sprawling metropolis, where you are transported into another dimension from the hustle and bustle going on outside. There’s plenty of music to suit all tastes, with DJs spinning tunes from Rock n Roll to Reggae to Soul and the interior styling has fishing traps, stone statues, giant wooden tiki heads, gifts from guests and trinkets from all around the world to submerge you in Aloha’s distinctive brand of entertainment.

Get to Aloha Bar before Midnight and your Privilege Card will get you 20% off! Click here to book your next visit here. 

Breakout, Liverpool


This is a unique activity that has become number one on TripAdvisor for visitors looking for something different to do. Breakout Liverpool is a hugely fun activity for friends, family and even work colleagues and involves escaping from a room after successfully winning a game. In teams of 2 – 5 you have 60 minutes to escape a locked room using only the power of your brain and you have the choice of ten different rooms, each with its own type of escape game to play.

Some of the escape rooms include one called ‘Sabotage’, in which players are in enemy territory on a mission to stop a missile strike. Another is ‘Shipwrecked’ which involves finding the treasure before an escape is possible.

Presenting your Privilege Card on arrival gets you 10% off any peak game Monday to Thursday and until 5 pm on Friday. Make sure you say ‘privilege card’ at time of booking to claim the full discount! Click here to book your next visit here. 


Kingdom Bar & Club, Liverpool


There’s a real air of exclusivity about Kingdom, which is nothing short of a visual and sensory delight. Some of Liverpool’s leading designers have contributed to this unique venue that is described as a ‘sanctuary for all to drink and dance’. The vibrant nightclub features some of Britain’s best-loved DJs and unforgettable live acts that thrill guests enjoying Kingdom’s five-star service.

Kingdom has an exceptional reputation for offering a superior experience in a stunning environment, with design and layout that simply takes your breath away. Everything about this exclusive club oozes sophistication and provides fantastic entertainment and impeccable service to the discerning visitor.

Privilege Cardholders can claim 2 for 1 cocktails on Saturdays unless there’s a party event taking place. Click here to book your next visit here. 

Viva Brazil, Liverpool


If you are really into your meat, there’s absolutely nothing better than an authentic Brazilian BBQ, where unlimited supplies of 14 different types of meat are served to your table straight from the charcoal grill. All you have to do is make sure you have an appetite when visiting Viva Brazil because the food just keeps coming! There’s a large salad bar, where you can find the perfect accompaniment to your delicious Brazilian meats and a great atmosphere reminiscent of carnival time.

Luckily, it’s possible to pace yourself at Viva Brazil because diners are given double-sided discs, green on one side and red on the other, which indicates to the waiting staff, (known as passadors), when you’re good to keep eating (green) or if you need a little time out in between servings (red). This is a dining experience that dates back hundreds of years to the era of the cowboys of Southern Brazil. Along with the wide variety of meat on offer, there are more than 20 different varieties of authentic Brazilian hot dishes to choose from.

One of the best Privilege Card discounts is available at Viva Brazil where you’ll get 25% off all food! Click here to book your next visit here. 


Liverpool Yoga Studios


Formerly Shakti Studios and Bikram Yoga Liverpool, both have now combined to form Liverpool Yoga Studios. The two have always been sister studios based under one roof. Now the spaces – one a dedicated state-of-the-art heated studio and the other a traditional (non-heated) studio – can be accessed with one monthly membership fee.

Liverpool Yoga Studios’ founders Estelle Cartlidge and Michael McCluskie believe that yoga, fitness and all round wellness should be accessible to all, regardless of age and ability and it is considered extremely beneficial for your overall health. LYS opened its doors in 2012 and has grown to become the place to learn how to achieve a relaxed state to combat stress.

Privilege Cardholders can get a healthy 17% off all classes at LYS. Just check their website to see what’s on offer! Click here to book your next visit here. 

Would You Like to Claim the Discounts Available with Signature Works’ Privilege Card?


We have only touched on a few of the many varied things to do and places to eat and drink in Liverpool when you have a Privilege Card. If you become a member of Liverpool’s up and coming co-working space in the city’s Bling Bling Building, you’ll not only be part of Signature Works’  growing community of freelancers and small businesses, but you’ll save bundles when you’re out and about having fun in Liverpool!

To find out more about how to join Signature Works, click here. 

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