How can I make sure Signature Living supports my brand?


Whether you are a fledgling company, a freelancer or an established business, it seems that there’s no greater time to be going it alone. But, as the number of people taking the leap into business increases across the UK, we want to know, are you getting the support you need to thrive? With access to Liverpool’s most influential network of movers and shakers, see how Signature Living can support your business.

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As Brexit looms, the uncertainty of the business market within the UK increases. However, whilst the future of the country remains rocky, one thing prevails – and that’s the need for strong, reliable business.

As one of the most well-connected flexible office spaces in Liverpool, we have seen first hand the diversity of business within the city. In fact, at Signature Works, we’re proud to say we work alongside some of the most prominent decision makers, suppliers and influencers – across a huge host if industries – to offer every one of our members direct access to the tools they need to succeed.

But who are we? None of what we do would be possible without our parent company, Signature Living and sister company Signature Connect who work together to go above and beyond the norm, providing unrivalled benefits and life changing connections for all of our members.

How can Signature Living support my brand’s growth?

Since day one, Signature Living’s goal has been to provide more to the people of Liverpool. More opportunities, better accommodation, and better connections across the board. It is for that reason that in 2008, they developed Signature Works to offer residents and visitors of Liverpool a creative space to work, collaborate and grow their brands, without breaking the bank!

Whether you’re looking to tap into unchartered territory and bring your business to Liverpool, or you’re a start-up looking for your big break, Signature Living have developed an empire that can support you in achieving your next goal. But how? Here are three ways that Signature Living can support your brand:

1. Unrivalled Business Support

No matter where you’re at in your business journey, the right support can be just what’s needed to take things to the next level. Signature Living offer its members business support in three tiers using the Signature Living, Signature Works and Signature Connect models to offer members everything they could need to thrive.

When you succeed, we succeed – so from nurturing your ideas to offering our expertise in logistics, we work together with you to take your ideas off the ground and run with them. We can be as hands on as you need, offering everything from discounted Signature Living accommodation to securing investment capital!

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2. Discounts across hundreds of brands

We understand how draining it can be to run your own business, physically, mentally and financially. That’s why we try to take the pressure off by partnering with hundreds of brands across the city, and offering you discounts.

Whether it’s a quick breakfast on the go before work, a lunch meeting or even a new killer business outfit – our privilege card grants you access to discounts which span across a range of industries to help you make the most out of your hard-earned cash.

3. It’s all free

When we say we can offer you ongoing business support, access to Liverpool’s most influential business network, health and fitness perks, and regular events, talks, and so much more – we understand that you may be waiting with bated breath for the catch.

There isn’t one! Signature Living offers all of this and more to each and every member, as part of your commitment to the Signature Living brand. When you work with us, whether that’s as part of the dedicated desk membership or the hot desk option – you can benefit from all of these things, as well as a number of other in-house perks such as free high-speed internet and even the odd beer on us!

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can support your brand

Don’t worry, this isn’t all too good to be true – in fact, we encourage you to contact us so you can come down and see for yourselves the work we do every day to support brands like yours.

If you are interested in finding out more, why not get in touch on 0151 558 1566.

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