How Signature Works can help you improve your employee’s wellbeing?


One of the main problems with running a business is balancing the need to succeed, whilst also keeping your employees happy. Although, here at Signature Works, we believe that the most successful companies are those that promote employee wellbeing in the workplace. Some of those organisations include our very own Signature members who rent our flexible office spaces in Liverpool.

As a Signature member, you have access to a number of workspaces including our shared and private offices located in the Liverpool landmark – the Cavern Walks. As an official tenant, you can gain access to a number of benefits which will guarantee a healthier and happier team of staff.

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Top 3 ways to improve workplace wellbeing

1. Downtime

By law, your employees must be allocated breaks dependent on their work hours. This allows them to re-charge their batteries and have some downtime away from their desks.

If your staff are looking for somewhere to relax on their lunch hour, then our break-out spaces in our Cavern Walks are ideal for taking some time out alone or chatting to colleagues and other tenants.

Our office rentals in Liverpool also offer access to a Signature Privilege card. This provides you and your employees with a host of discounts for restaurants, bars, shops, spas and more in Liverpool city centre – which can be used at any time. This gives staff time away from the office, whilst also enjoying what Liverpool has to offer.

2. Exercise

One of the best ways to improve wellbeing and performance in the workplace is to encourage your employees to exercise. As any sort of fitness gets the blood pumping – making your staff more alert and prepared to work to the best of their ability.

As mentioned above, our Signature Privilege card offers many perks including money off fitness classes across the city centre – near your serviced office in Liverpool. Whether your employees want to go it alone or take a class with their colleagues – there is something for everyone. This includes taking a relaxing yin class at Liverpool Yoga studios or going extreme and heading to The Climbing Hangar.

Another great way of encouraging fitness in the workplace is with our free Signature Fit membership (Usually worth £40). This includes personal training, boxing, and HIIT classes which are scheduled around typical working hours. This is guaranteed to get your staff’s creative juices flowing – making them feel empowered and ready to work.

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3. Team-building

 Although it is important that your employees have time alone on their breaks, you must also allocate time to come together to talk as a cohesive team. These meetings should open up business ideas, whilst also discussing what’s good about the company and what needs changing to improve the workplace a whole.

The problem with renting offices is that you may not get access to meeting rooms. However, at Signature, we offer all our members access to our meeting spaces. This includes start-ups looking for shared office space in Liverpool or well-established companies searching for a private office. Giving you the chance to improve your business through staff engagement and team-building.

Another great way of making your workplace a happier and productive environment is by using your privilege card for 15% off corporate wellness packages with the Vibrancy Hub. This includes workshops, consultation services and programmes which are conducted by business experts who work to reduce stress and drive productivity. At Signature, we also offer business support services to improve your business – making it a better place to work for everyone.

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Here at Signature Works, we are dedicated to providing the best shared workspaces and private offices in Liverpool that satisfy both you and your workforce. Which is why we go above and beyond to not only provide you with appropriate work stations but also offer a wide range of benefits that improve workplace wellness.

To experience what it’s like to work in a Signature Works’ office – book your free trial day online today! Or to find out more about our membership benefits and office spaces in Liverpool, you can get in touch by calling 0151 558 1566. Alternatively, you can email us at join@signatureworks.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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