How To Hire Staff For Your CoWorking Space


When it comes to building a strong, community-focused coworking space, it is important that you have the right team behind you. Hiring staff for your coworking space requires you to know a few things beforehand about your business’ brand message and what you need your staff to do for your space.

The team you build within your coworking space can make or break the business, as the community and atmosphere is a huge part of creating an amazing working environment.

Here are a few things you might want to think about when hiring staff for your coworking space.

Choosing your Community Manager


Your community manager will be the life force of your office, being the centre of gravity for all of your tenants and their businesses. They will be on hand to help everyone get settled in and feel at home in your coworking space.

When looking for the perfect community manager, they need to have a few key skills:

1. Communication – They need to be able to connect and communicate effectively, with all of your tenants and potential tenants.

2. Flexible and proactive – They need to be able to chip in when needed, no matter what the job. You will need someone that can handle any issues before they start to cause real problems within your space.

3. Sociable and fun-loving – Your community manager will be in charge of your community, meaning they need to be able to bring people together. Choose someone who has experience in areas such as event organising or PR, as these candidates are often the most outgoing.

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Making the most of your Marketing


Coworking is becoming an increasingly competitive market, so it’s important to bring on a marketing manager that is filled with creative and innovative ideas. This will help you stand out from the crowd and make an impression on all of your potential tenants.

Your marketing manager will need to know how to:

1. Use all forms of marketing platforms, both digital and print, to market your community and space

2. Understand how to break through the noise to be seen by the right people

3. Be creative and work to tight deadlines

4. Know what makes a great website & understand your audience inside and out

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Other key roles you will need, to create an effective Coworking Space


Although your marketing manager and community manager are the two main roles you will want to hire, there are also key players that you will need to consider:

1. Community assistants – these guys will aid the community manager in their day-to-day tasks

2. Hospitality manager – this is particularly important if your coworking space has a cafe or holds events with food and drink

3. Cleaners – to help keep things clean and tidy

4. IT support – not essential, but it always helps if you have a lot of technical equipment in your coworking space, such as projectors, TVs, computers, printers etc.

Where to find your Staff


The best ways to find staff for your coworking space is to not only advertise your vacancies on job sites like Reed and Indeed, but use social media as well. You can now create job posts on Facebook and Linkedin, so it is easier than ever to find people within your circle or industry.

Remember that you are trying to build a community, so your staff need to be able to mingle and integrate with tenants within your space. Make sure you have a clear brand message and hire those that fit and understand that message.

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