How Your Business can Benefit from a Serviced Office


A serviced office is a rented workspace with the benefit of less financial responsibility. Serviced office providers, like Signature Works, fund essential business amenities such as furnishings, maintenance, in-house staff, as well as access to conference rooms and additional services to accommodate your business.

There are various ways in which your business can benefit from using a serviced office, including:



Time is one of the most valuable components of running a business, therefore it is vital that the moving in process is as quick and efficient as possible.

At Signature Works, we provide a fully-serviced office package, which means there is no need to wait to get your business up and running. They are ideal for start-ups looking for a head start, and even established SMEs who need to minimise downtime.

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Economic Growth


One of the main advantages of opting for a serviced office is that it can help your business save significant amounts of capital, as you can avoid extensive upfront costs associated with buying or renting your own commercial property.

Signature Works’ serviced offices come fully-equipped, which means you don’t have to pay for office furniture, internet, landlines, or even in-house reception staff.

All bills, maintenance fees, and additional amenities are included in our fixed-rate – making it an extremely cost-effective option.


Reduced Risk


Leasing a serviced office does not run the same risks that face office owners, as renting avoids holding any fixed assets within a property, which may be problematic if you wish to expand your business.

As a reputable serviced office provider, we ensure that there are no operational risks in the process of expansion and that all your preferences are met – without you incurring further costs.

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Compared to traditional workspaces, serviced offices provide organisations with a sense of flexibility, as contract agreements are usually offered on a rolling basis. This means you can rent from at one month up to around one year, or even more if you wish.

Our serviced offices provide adaptable spaces to companies who may wish to expand in the future without having to completely relocate. As instead, we can just move you down the hall to a much more accommodating space that fits your requirements.



As serviced offices are usually inhabited by an array of organisations, this offers your business a chance to gain customers in a quick and cost-efficient manner. You can network with the business right next door or even strike up a conversation whilst you are enjoying lunch. These informal discussions could result in great business partnerships and excellent benefits for your company.

Here at Signature Works, we encourage all our clients to share ideas and network – we want your business to thrive, just as much as you do.

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If you are looking for an efficient working space for your business without the responsibility of ownership, then a serviced office is the perfect solution for you.

For further information on our serviced office packages, speak to one of our expert team members via email or call us on 0151 558 1566.

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