Why Joining Signature Works is Good Business Strategy


It’s well documented how startups like Uber, Instagram and Wanderfly have reaped the benefits of coworking but there are many interesting ways that every business can leverage their shared workspace. In fact, these benefits help explain why there are 10-times as many coworking spaces around the world today than there were just 5 years ago.

As the on-demand gig economy continues to surge, people are increasingly looking to pay for access to goods and services rather than owning them outright. The same holds true for office space, and it’s not just because of costs.

We’ve identified some strategic reasons why coworking with Signature Works is good for your business:

No Fixed Costs or Lock-Ins

Companies usually have three options these days when looking for an office: buying, renting or coworking. The first two alternatives allow you to own a personal space just for you, but require a significant upfront investment and commitment for at least a year or more. In these situations, companies can often feel trapped as changing location is hard, it takes forever and you feel like you’re losing money. On the other hand, coworking with Signature Works is simple and there are no lock-ins or fixed costs. If you want a change, you can just leave your workspace at the end of the month without any trouble.

Your Business Will Be More Flexible & Scalable

Upfront investment and sunk costs associated with renting or buying property are a significant pain point for businesses and they can’t be underestimated. Coworking liberates you from those cost centres and enables you to be more flexible in order to adapt your needs to your growth trajectory. In an ideal world, you could predict where your business will be in a couple of months or years. However, in reality the fast pace of innovation and technological advances make this virtually impossible. These days, in order to be truly competitive and ready to adapt to changing industry trends, companies need to be flexible and scalable. Working from a Signature Works coworking space offers your business this freedom and ability.

Reduce Operating Costs & Admin Workload

One simple reason why so many companies around the world are increasingly moving to coworking is the chance to save costs. Just like most things in the sharing economy, the price of operating a fully functional office on your own is much higher than doing so with others. Why should you acquire printers, meeting rooms, kitchen appliances, reception desks, security services and more when you’re only using them a fraction of the time? Coworking is cheaper because it basically lets SMEs share these costs and become more efficient with their money. At the same time, firms joining Signature Works are also liberating themselves from a lot of administrative tasks, since maintenance, repairs, licensing, property costs and such are all included in the price of Membership.

Fast-Track to a Cool Office in a Better Location

Coworking with Signature Works lets you fast-track your way to having the coolest office in the most central locations. Since our Membership is more affordable compared to buying or renting a traditional office, companies opting to work with us are able to select a more premium location. Of course, the importance of location for business success varies depending on the industry you’re in, although it is generally beneficial to most to have a central address. Being in the heart of a city like Liverpool can be a great ace up your sleeve when scheduling sales meetings, closing business deals or luring A-players to join your team.

Attract Better Talent

Growing companies that are actively hiring can recruit more candidates and higher levels of talent from the extended reach Signature Works offers. Shared workspaces vastly boost a company’s recruiting efforts as you can “sell” a cool office to candidates instead of an isolated garage or warehouse space in the outskirts of town. In particular, hiring young talents becomes much easier as they get excited to work in our coworking environment that is better located, looks spectacular, offers perks such as free coffee and super-fast WiFi, hosts great events regularly and boasts a great community of diverse and successful people.

Employees Will Be More Productive

Research shows that 74% of coworkers are more productive since moving to a shared workspace. This is no surprise, as this type of office brings together highly skilled and successful personalities, from entrepreneurs, freelancers to managers. As a result, it’s hard for coworkers not to get inspired and affected by the high level of energy and passion that fills the vibe in our workspaces.

Your Company Will Be More Creative & Innovative

Similar to the increase in productivity, the Signature Works community is also a great source of inspiration and encouragement for innovation amongst our Members. By interacting with people from different industries, functions and backgrounds, you’ll be exposed to a stimulating environment that fosters out-of-the-box thinking and new ideas. Additionally, the unconventional design of our shared workspaces allows you to move seating place around at any time within the coworking office to enable you to be more creative.


The advantages of Signature Works Membership go well beyond mere cost-savings. Becoming more flexible, recruiting better employees and acquiring a top-notch location are just a few perks of using shared workspaces. Another benefit is that employees will be happier, more productive and more creative due to a stimulating environment, leading to an improved social life and higher productivity. Moreover, thanks to a strong community and frequent learning opportunities, you’ll expand your professional network and improve your business.

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