Member Profile: Henrique Fazzio, Film Producer, Void to Vortex


Henrique Fazzio is a Dedicated Desk Member of Signature Works who not only has a focus on film production with Void to Vortex but is also business development manager for an ingenious ticket trading app called Tixus.

Formerly in the music industry, Henrique made the switch to film after successfully producing several music videos and a documentary. His first foray into filmmaking was as producer on ‘A Quiet Room in Walthamstow’, a short film written and directed by Tiago Teixeira, due for release in 2018.

Drawing on his experience from within the music industry, Henrique is currently developing a new platform to bring fans together somewhere they can swap tickets to music events with each other. Called Tixus, the app has now passed through the development stage and is due for release in the very near future.

Working from the Bling Building, Henrique enjoys the benefits of a central location and also the feedback of other Members, particularly in terms of the development of Tixus. Liverpool is well-known as being a city that brings people together from the world of film and music, which is very advantageous for small businesses seeking to become established and recognised in the field.



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