Member Profile: Julie Goodwin, Uptown Funk Mobile Makeovers


Tell us about more about your business and what it was that made you decide to go it alone.

Uptown Funk Mobile Makeover Company started as a salon in Southport in 2015 and we opened a 2nd salon in Liverpool in early 2016. I soon realised the salon was far too small to service all the large group bookings together and we would provide a much better client service if we went to the clients in their hotel or apartment.

Are there any particular clients you’ve made over that stick out in your mind?

All the client bookings we have had are unique in their own way as they are normally large hen parties. However one of our best clients was a ‘Divorce Party’, which was a group of 20 ladies celebrating their friend’s divorce on a much grander scale than the many hen parties we have done over the last 2 years.

Have you been involved in makeup for theatrical productions? If so, tell us more!

We once did a very flamboyant contestant for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’s’ Shania Pain, a drag artist and that was huge FUN!

How did you first encounter the Signature brand?

When I realised our salon environment wasn’t big enough to meet demand I contacted Suzanne McEldowney at Signature head office and invited her and any of the other office team to pop down to our salon – based locally in Hanover Street – for a complimentary makeover. I figured it was the best way we could show the team how talented we are at Uptown Funk and discuss the possibility of us working with them in a more official capacity. The fact that we were already receiving bookings from guests staying at Signature hotels made it a logical choice for me to approach the Signature Group directly.

Tell us more about the events you host at Signature Hotels

We host parties in all Signature Hotels across the city including, 30 James St, Arthouse, Signature Hotel and Bold St apartments. Every weekend we host approximately 15-25 parties with an average of 12-15 ladies for hair and makeup. We aim to have all parties completed within 3 hours no matter how big the party is so we staff the parties appropriately to ensure the guests are not sitting around for hours and hours when they could be out enjoying the city. We also take in to account guests have other activities to attend such as afternoon tea, cocktail making or they may even have a butler in the buff working for them and all these things have to be factored in when scheduling and organising hair and makeup timings.

How long have you been working at Signature Works at the Bling Building?

We have been in Signature works since September and couldn’t be happier, it helps enormously as we work so closely with Signature and the packages and sales department are on the 3rd floor below us which makes our organising of weekends so much easier.

What is it particularly that you like about working at the Bling?

Signature works is such a fun and friendly environment while still maintaining a high standard of professionalism. Everybody is very helpful and we have had valuable business advice on technology issues and social media for example that’s just simply a 5 or 10 minute chat in the coffee area which is amazing. Everybody in the Signature team are more than happy to help with any questions, give tips and advice on anything.

What benefits do you see for your business with Signature Works membership?

There are many benefits like networking, working in an environment where everybody is a potential client and being able to easily utilise other businesses for help. It’s just a very supportive environment that’s also in Liverpool city centre, so is great for us to get to the hotels from.

Would you recommend Signature Works at the Bling to other small businesses?

I would definitely recommend other businesses to join signature works, the networking and contacts made are invaluable and it’s just a great environment to work in.

Any big plans for 2018 you would like to mention?

We are hoping and planning that 2018 is going to be our biggest year yet, we have expanded to Cardiff, Newcastle, Belfast, Manchester, Marbella and Ibiza with full teams in all these areas. In Cardiff we have teams working in Signature’s Coal Exchange Hotel and we are all ready to launch in the George Best and Lanyon Hotels in Belfast when they open their doors. So, yes……..big plans for 2018, which have been made that bit more achievable by partnering with Signature Living.

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