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Member Profile: Ray Carr, MD of Terrapin Global Shipping Recruitment

PUBLISHED 11/06/2017

Ray Carr is a specialist recruiter working in the marine insurance industry, who recently signed up to Signature Works membership. Having used coworking spaces around the world in the past few years, team at Signature Works were keen to catch up with Ray to find out more about what he thinks of the brand’s flexible office space at the Bling.

Here’s their Q&A:

Q:  Tell us more about your business.

A:  “I am a recruitment consultant/headhunter for the marine insurance industry and commercial shore based roles. Even though I am based in the UK, my focus is on overseas positions in Europe and other regions of the world.”

 Q:  How did you encounter Signature Works?

A:  “I encountered the space through a networking event as my business is Liverpool-based.”

Q:  What attracted you to their coworking space at the Bling?

A:  “I was looking for a fresh space to use occasionally as I prefer the flexibility a coworking space offers. Attending the networking event allowed me to see Signature Works in action and I was impressed by the level of attendance and the space in the Bling where the event was held.”

 Q:  What Membership package did you take?

A:  “I have initially taken the 10 day package as I’m uncertain of my schedule in terms of when I’m in the country or elsewhere in the world. That’s the best thing about flexible offices in that they are just that!”

 Q:  If you were to recommend Signature Works to other small business owners, what in particular do you feel are the most attractive features?

A:  “I like the atmosphere, location, boutique style of decoration and space. It’s an environment that lends itself well to getting lots done but without being starchy or oppressive.”

Q: Can you see your business growing with the help of the Signature brand?


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