John Davies – Vanguard training

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My Name’s John Davies and I’m the owner of Vanguard Training, we deliver safety and first aid training, we deliver it to businesses and individuals, so you can either book yourself onto a first aid course or as a business you can hire us to come into your business and train your staff on site. We deliver it as full qualifications, it’s not just a training course.

How long has Vanguard Training been trading?

I’ve been doing it now for round about 18 months and prior to that I was an engineering teacher. Previous to being a teacher, I was in the military for twelve years which is where I initially learnt some of the skills that I know pass onto the people that I train.

How does your Signature Works membership fit into what you do?

I ended up taking a membership at Signature Works predominantly because of the price and the flexibility. The establishment that I was previously in was quite rigid, I rent a large area but I often found that I was working there on my own, so it didn’t work for my business. At Signature Works it’s quite flexible, I can be at my desk and when I need to train, I can upscale and book a larger room out. Also it’s a fantastic location, we’re right in the city centre, right in the middle of all the businesses that need my services. I couldn’t ask for a better location.

Why should people use Vanguard Training?

When you come onto a course from Vanguard Training, it’s a very relaxed atmosphere but with that professional edge that ensures that you or your staff get all the training you require and that meets all the outcomes that you expect from coming on a professional training course.

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John Davies – Vanguard Training
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