The Rise of Co-Working Spaces in Liverpool


The resurgence of city centre living and working is rising after years of decline in cities such as Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. Many of those moving into the city are young professionals which is fuelling the necessity for new living and office space.

Liverpool leads the nation for growth in the city centre with a population increase of by 181% from 9,100 to 25,600 between 2002 and 2015 according to data by the Office of National Statistics. Other cities seeing an increase in population are Birmingham with 183% and Leeds with 150%.

Liverpool has also had its share of student population growth with an increase of 208% but the principal increase has been for young, single entrepreneurs and professionals in a review by the BBC from data provided by Centre for Cities. The report states:

“In big cities, more than half of the people living in the centre work in high-skilled professional occupations, reflecting the growing importance of sectors like financial and legal services to the UK economy.”

As a result of the population growing so has the need for new office space current and start-up businesses. One of the leaders in this market sector is Signature Works with their co-working memberships for helping businesses with their office space needs. The amount of space a business needs is available with various membership plans.

Signature Works describes its locations for co-working as:

“…a fusion of architectural significance, city-centre positioning and cutting-edge spatial design that blends to deliver the ultimate in co-working environments.”


“…interiors are enhanced with design that’s intended to engender growth among freelancers and independent workers, with areas for collaboration, focused research and video conferencing that is as flexible for our Members as their lifestyles.”

Signature has developed this co-working plan to meet the local demand for much-needed office space and to provide an office environment for the freelance and start-up business community for Liverpool.

The co-working scheme also benefits businesses who want or need to network with others for collaboration or collaborate on projects.

Signature Works also provides members with an incubator programme that allows new businesses and freelancers to present their plans to other high profile businesses for funding or more market access.

The Signature brand is known well known for providing the best in customer service not only for the business community with Signature Works but also for its hotel clientele with its Signature Living brand and its four Liverpool hotel properties.

So if you’re just starting out as a freelancer or small business or you have been established for a while, it’s worthwhile finding out how office space at Signature Works can benefit you.

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A Report by Kevin Murphy, International Property Journalist & Filmmaker

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