Signature Works Members continue to Forge Valuable Connections


Signature Works does more than just give lip-service to helping grow the businesses of our members, allowing access to Signature’s extensive list of specialist internal staff and external suppliers.

One recent example is of a member who has developed a product for which they were looking for cost-effective manufacturing, preferably in China. In the absence of any connections in the manufacturing industry in China, the member was referred to one of Signature Living’s senior purchasers who was able to put them in touch with a manufacturer with a track record of doing business with the hotel group.

Making inter-continental connections is incredibly difficult in today’s marketplace, despite our improved communications. Allowing its member access to a manufacturer that has already proved their capabilities to Signature Living is one of the significant bonuses of membership.

Another example of how Signature Works gets members connected is with regard to a member focused on ‘vlogging’, which is a relatively new term for someone who records video blogs, usually intended to market specific products or services. The vlogging member was put in touch with Signature’s head of videography and they were able to learn more about how to shoot their videos with a professional finish and increase their online profile.

Individual Member Meetings with Lawrence Kenwright

Signature’s CEO has taken a close interest in the activities of Signature Works members, increasingly meeting with them personally to pin down exactly how the group can help to expand their business.

Lawrence is the driving force of the brand that has risen to become one of the most powerful in the UK in less than 10 years since it was founded and he is more than happy to give members his take on how they can improve their bottom line with his help.

Along with senior members of his staff and a huge range of suppliers, Lawrence not only brings his business expertise to the table but also the benefits of his connections, making Signature Works membership highly sought after in the current climate.

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