How To Stay Motivated At Work


Now is the time of freelancers, flexitime and hot desking. It’s starting to feel like the beginning of the end for the nine to five, and the dawn of an era of freedom and flexibility for employees and sole traders alike. That doesn’t mean, however, that the workload is getting any lighter, nor, on the whole, is it any more inspiring than it ever was. Because of this, a lack of any firm routine can sometimes have a negative effect on our enthusiasm for work, instead of giving us the boost that we thought it would. So, how can you keep your motivation alive? Signature Works, a busy organisation specialising in corporate hospitality, is here to give you some pointers.

1. Before You Plough on, Think About What You’ve Achieved


It’s very easy to feel like the mountain of work ahead of you is piling up endlessly, and that you’re trying to swim up a waterfall, making no headway. That’s not true, though. Whether you’re facing the coming Monday, or just trying to pep yourself up for another morning of trawling through emails, it’s worth reflecting on how far you’ve already come. Take time to think about the achievements that have made you the most proud, situations and projects that you have handled with deft expertise, or past comments from clients, customers, managers or co-workers that have made you glow a little bit. There’s no shame in stroking your ego sometimes, and there are times when we all need a little reminder that what we do is worthwhile.

2. Don’t Forget About Where You’re Going


While you’re at it, take stock of the bigger picture. What are your goals? Remind yourself of why you are here and where these next steps are going to take you. Even if it isn’t a big leap towards fame and riches, it will be a shuffle at the very least, and that’s something. The only way is up.


3. Make a List


One of the best ways to organise yourself is to write everything down in list form. Not only does this act as a reminder and make you more organised, but it also helps you to visualise the size and complexity of your upcoming work. Many people find that having anything “hanging over them” can prove concerning and stressful, but seeing it all as words on a page can really allow you to mentally reduce it to its true (usually fairly tiny) form.

4. Give Yourself Time


You may not be a morning person, but allowing yourself a good amount of time at the start of the day to relax and get into the flow of things can prove really beneficial when it comes to combating stress and giving your motivation and positivity a push. Waking up later and rushing to catch up never makes for a positive experience, and the sooner you’re able to get up and get going, the sooner you’ll be able to call it quits for the day. Some people prefer to get stuck in as soon as they’re up and ready in order to prevent a loss of momentum, while others just relish the opportunity to take it slow for a change, utilising each extra hour they’ve given themselves. Getting up earlier usually means that you can afford to take more breaks too, which is another way to keep things ticking over. Hammering away at something constantly can increase your stress levels and prevent you from enjoying what you’re doing, so it’s great to have the opportunity to walk away from your desk for a few minutes and take a breath.

5. Love Where You Work


If you don’t enjoy your current working environment, see what you can do to change it. Working from home may seem like the ideal, but it can become monotonous staring at the same four walls every hour of the day. It can also make you fall out of love with the place that ought to be a haven of relaxation for you. Separating life and work is important, so doing work in a place you love to be can really boost your motivation. There are hot-desking facilities, co-working spaces and flexible offices in most city centres, all run by specialist organisations who will help you to find your perfect fit.

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