Valued Member Nola McIntyre explains how Signature Works for Her!


Nola McIntyre is a freelance graphic designer and creative assistant living and working in Liverpool. Having lived and worked in London in her early twenties in the accounting industry, Nola always strived to be a creative. After leaving her city career five years ago, she travelled the world, working in the thriving coffee industry before making the transition to graphic design and graduating from Shillington Graphic Design College, Manchester in 2016.

Nola’s experience in business and design has given her valuable insight into how businesses can push themselves forward creatively. In her other role as a creative assistant, Nola coaches startups or established businesses on how to meet their day to day creative needs – from social media campaigns, business cards, print or web ads and menus to business plan and investment deck presentation.

How Nola encountered Signature Works

Nola had been working with a Liverpool-based startup company called TrustedHound, also new to the city and both fledgling businesses were looking for a professional place to meet and work. Nola says, “I find my productivity and inspiration levels increase if I leave the confines of my four walls in Anfield.”

“As a newcomer to Liverpool I was keen to meet new people and build up a network of lovely people and businesses to collaborate with – Signature Works, a new comer to the co-working game in Liverpool, seemed the perfect place to do this. I love to work with start-ups and Signature Works seemed like the best place to meet new business owners in a relaxed environment. Some of the other Coworking spaces in Liverpool seem to have a more creative industry focus. Signature Works, which was still to open its doors at the time of our search, seemed to offer extra benefits to us in terms of networking, access to advice and their incubator fund.”

“The Bling Building is bang in the city centre – in fact, all three offices are in fab locations! That was a real selling point for me as many of the other spaces we looked at were a little further out. Here I can jump off the bus or train, walk through a bit of the city to soak up some inspo and I’m in the office within five minutes. Lunch is easy too!

Signature Works has Great Team Spirit!

“I haven’t got around to using the gym yet – but free access to the Signature Fit Club was a massive selling point. I have my fingers crossed that they are going to start a yoga class – a huge passion of mine!”

We asked Nola, if she were to recommend Signature Works to other small business owners, what in particular she felt were the most attractive features:

“The Signature Works team have been great and helped make us feel totally at home from day one! It’s great for us to have a professional place to meet clients and the Bling office has all the convenience of having your own office including a kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities, access to printing facilities and a really cool business address. Signature Works takes the hassle out of finding your own office space and the Signature Work ethos of connecting collaborators is brilliant as well!”

“So far the Signature Works team has been great. I met Kent, the Marketing Director on my first day in the office and he’s introduced me to several people in their creative teams! I’m hoping we can work together on some projects together in the future. The Signature Works team has also added my company to the Privilege card – a fab way to get my name out there in a new city!”

I’m excited for TrustedHound, the startup I work with, as well. The incubator panel is perfect for them to get advice and help them get their business off the ground. I’m excited for them to meet and collaborate with other local business owners as well.”

We would like to thank Nola McIntyre for taking the time to talk about her experience with Signature Works. We are delighted to see her business flourishing, boosted by the strength of brand-recognition the Signature Group has achieved in North West England.

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