Is a Virtual Office Space right for me?


The title says it all. If you’ve found yourself on this blog, then that’s very much the question you’re currently pondering. You may be a solopreneur, freelancer or a start-up business with just a hand full of employees. And in the digital age we live in, we have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, while being connected to our team and our clients.

However, working from home can sometimes trigger the negative image, of you sat at home in your pants with the TV on and your laptop by your side, hence why you may be looking at how you can ensure that your business reflects the professional image that your work exudes.

And that’s where a virtual office may be the answer, providing you with a professional business address, mailbox and with our Virtual Office Plus membership, we even provide a free local landline number which can be diverted to your mobile.

But there are numerous other reasons why a virtual office may be the right move for you and your business.

Saving you Money

As a solopreneur or start-up business keeping your running costs down as you get yourself up and running is essential, and a virtual office is perfect for helping you do just that. A virtual office membership can be up to 80% cheaper than renting an actual office space, and doesn’t tie you into any long-term contracts, so you’ve got the flexibility you need as a growing business.


Meeting Room Access

With your virtual office membership from Signature Works, you also get access to our creative meeting room spaces at hugely discounted rates. So, though you get the freedom of working remotely, when those all-important client meetings come around or it’s time for the monthly team catch-up, you have access to all the benefits you’d expect from having a large creative office space, but at a tiny portion of the costs.

A Change of Scenery

The other bonus of a virtual office membership is that on those days where working from home, on your own has you feeling lonely, or stale you can use discounted rates to give yourself a desk in a creative space filled with like-minded individuals, helping to jump-start your creative juices an allow you to network with potential business partners and clients.

Is a virtual office right for you? If you’re looking to make your business look more professional while keeping the initial running costs down and having access to some luxuries you wouldn’t usually have a solopreneur then the answer is yes, so why not sign-up now!

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