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The benefits of coworking for bloggers

PUBLISHED 09/08/2017

When you are a blogger, or any other type of freelancer, you will spend a large amount of time by yourself. One way that people try to stop the boredom, or the feelings of being lonely is to head to a coffee shop or library in order to work.

Another option, one that isn’t always thought of is to co-work. This means that you share a working space with other people, often people that you don’t know. There are a whole variety of benefits to coworking, and they may not always be the ones you think of first.

1. It is a great networking opportunity

Networking is one of those words that can make plenty of us roll our eyes. But it can actually be good for business. If you are coworking, then you are going to have other people around you that are also running their own businesses. You can not only pick their brains, or ask for advice, but you never know they might be on the lookout for a new blogger, and you may fit the bill.

2. It gets you out of your comfort zone

Working in an office forces you to be social. If you work from home, then there is a risk that you may become a bit of a hermit and avoid going out to speak to people. Working in a coworking space, if only for one day a week, forces you to get out of your comfort zone, quite literally, and makes you interact with people and keep those social skills alert.

3. It sets out a working space

Are you the type of person who finds it a struggle splitting down your home time from your working time? If you are, then it might make sense to try out coworking. It means that you have a working space, a place where you can focus your efforts. Then, when you get home, you will feel that you are actually home, rather than just an extension of where you work.

4. It can be more than just a place to work

Whilst the majority of tasks that a blogger will carry out can be down tapping away at a laptop, sometimes there is a need for an actual physical office space. Perhaps for a client meeting or to take a conference call. Having a coworking space not only gives you somewhere to work, but also a professional place to take post or to meet potential clients. All making sure that you are seen as a business rather than someone who sits at home working.

The only way that you can be sure whether or not coworking is going to work for you is to try it out for yourself. Coworking is not only helpful for you, but also for your business, and this means that it is definitely something that is worth giving a go!

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Photo by Mikayla Mallek on Unsplash

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