The Signature brand has a solid track record in hospitality and the co-working market varies only slightly in nature, making it a natural next-step for us in our expansion. Rather like gym membership, co-workers need use of office facilities on an as-needed basis. If a gym member wants to improve progress they’ll work with a personal trainer and if they just want a routine workout, they’ll go it alone.

With Signature Works, co-workers can become Members and choose their level of participation according to what stage they’re at in the growth cycle of their business. If a Member is just starting out and wants to dip their toe in the water, there’s our basic Virtual Membership plan and if they’re working on a project that requires intensive collaboration or concentration, they can opt to upgrade to The Works Membership for the duration they require more dedicated space.


As we have proven with our hotels, Signature has a policy of securing the most stunning and important buildings as locations for our brand expansion. Our co-working locations deliver quality spaces in high-design environments set in fine examples of some of the most important architecture in the City of Liverpool.

We set out to maintain the integrity of original architectural features while providing our Members with work spaces that actively promote an expansive frame of mind. This is new generation office space for the largely millennial, highly flexible workforce that now dominates British business.

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We carefully select co-working locations based on the same criteria behind the success of our hotel chain; a fusion of architectural significance, city-centre positioning and cutting-edge spatial design that blends to deliver the ultimate in co-working environments.


While maintaining the original features and preserving the history of our locations, interiors are enhanced with design that’s intended to engender growth among freelancers and independent workers, with areas for collaboration, focused research and video-conferencing that are as flexible for our Members as their lifestyles.


Signature Works is more than just a co-working space provider. Aside from offering an extensive suite of products and services to Members working at our locations, we have created a framework to jettison growth among innovative startups and solopreneurs that is exclusive to our brand.


Our incubator programme provides Members with a platform to present business plans to a panel of high profile business people to fast-track funding or Angel support to take Members to the next level in their careers. After all, the success of Signature Works is very much tied to the achievements of our Members.


Signature Works is an extension of the highly successful Signature Living brand, a well-established developer of unique, luxurious and affordable hotels. Signature Works addresses the enormous demand for a new type of office environment designed to cater specifically to the needs of the growing freelance community in the UK and around the world.


The Signature brand has a strong ethos of placing consumers’ interests at the heart of everything we do. The rapidly expanding generation of freelancer expects an office space where they can choose to collaborate and network; meet in small working groups or focus privately on a project any time of night or day for an affordable price. Signature Works delivers on all levels.

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