Derry & Becky – The Boulevard Group

We sat down with Derry & Becky of the Boulevard Group as they told us a little bit about who they are and how Signature Works fits into their business.

Derry: Hi my name Derry and I own a company called The Boulevard Group and under the Boulevard Group we have Boss Babes Uni also JailFit which is a personal training school

Becky: Hi I’m Becky I work for The Boulevard Group I’m a beauty therapist and I also teach unique beauty treatments throughout the UK.

Derry: We have been in business now for about 15 years in the beauty industry and about 18 months ago we set up Boss Babes Uni which is our training school.

Becky: So we offer a number of courses and treatment machines, one of these is called ‘Enhance’, which is a none surgical Brazilian bum and breast enhancement which has fantastic results.

Derry: We have trained about 100 salons in that treatment and every one of them has doubled or tripled their money back within the first couple of months and come back to us and bored our other machines and causes problems so it’s been really successful.

Becky: One thing that we have found is that people trust the training. If you don’t get good quality training, you can’t offer good quality treatment.

Derry: We’ve just moved into Signature Works at the Bling Bling Building on Hanover Street, into a 4-person office on the 5th floor and it’s just perfect, it ticked every box.

Becky: We love everything about it, even the name of the building ‘Bling Bling’

Derry: When I was looking on the website, I saw that some friends were already members, so I facebooked them to ask what it was all about and they said ‘It’s brilliant, get in here!”, so we booked a tour, got shown around by Charlotte and we were in here within a week and this is no word of a lie – 100% more business since we’ve been here, 100% more.

You can learn more about The Boulevard Group by visit their website –

Derry & Becky – The Boulevard Group
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