High quality equipment

Signature Fit is located at Signature Works’ co-working office space in 60 Old Hall Street, within Liverpool’s thriving commercial district. Here you’ll find a unique workout environment that combines key elements of lighting and music in an ultra-modern setting that’s perfect for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts with professional coaching.

Signature Fit Club is all about lifestyle and although our programmes are not easy, we guarantee you’ll feel the benefits. Our HITT workouts are unique, effective and designed to maintain a strong body and mind as a lifestyle choice. From battle ropes, slam balls, platforms and rowers; training with us will elevate your fitness to a level you can only imagine.

Learn to Box

You’ll experience the benefits of HITT workouts long after your session has come to an end and you can choose when you want to fit a visit in with your work schedule at Signature Works. This is a way to workout for maximum results!

If you would like to learn to box, challenge yourself to a Signature Fit Club boxing session to clear your mind for a productive day in our co-workspaces. Our objective is to help you maintain your focus as we combine boxing skills with the perfect balance of cardio and core body workouts. Boxing is a great way to de-stress and re-energize mind and body.

Added benefits

Whether you’ve already got the hang of your workout routine or you’ve given up in the past, our dedicated trainers are there to ensure that getting in shape has never felt better. At Signature Fit Club, there’s a personal trainer to suit everyone.

All our fully-qualified personal trainers have diverse experience, ensuring that there’s someone able to provide you with specific guidance and advice no matter how you prefer to workout. Our Signature Fit Club trainers are carefully chosen to understand your fitness journey from the very beginning.

*Free Signature Fit Membership available to co-working, fixed desk and private office members only

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