How to Find the Right Office Space for My Start-Up?


In our digitally connected world, start-up businesses have a whole host of options when it comes to finding the right office space, from virtual offices for homeworkers to creative co-working environments and serviced offices.

But choosing the right option for your start-up isn’t a quick decision, requiring you to satisfy your business’ current needs, while planning for the future, in terms of both the good and the bad. You also need to ensure that the choice you make will be a cost-effective strategy, while providing your business with a space that reflects your brand and inspires your team.

In the rest of this guide, we’ll take a look at five important tips you need to consider when choosing the right office space for your start-up, as well as investigate the diverse range of workspace solutions on offer to you!

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5 Tips for Identifying the Right Office Space for your Start-up


Location, Location, Location…

When it comes to finding your start-ups new office space one of the essential things to consider is location.

The location of your office needs to be easy for clients to access, and in the long run for your team to get to. As the location of your office space will help or hinder employee recruitment and retention.

A central or easily commutable office will ensure workers feel at ease with their journey, but if your office is a pain to get to, your team may eventually begin to look for something closer to home, why not check out our Liverpool City Centre office locations today.


Choosing an office that is the right size and fit for your business can be a difficult choice, as you want to choose something that fits your current business needs, but that will allow you to expand and grow, as your business succeeds, without having to pack up your bags after a couple months, due to rapid growth.

But at the same time, as a start-up business your budget for physical space will be limited and you don’t want to be stretching yourself thin with an oversized office space.

Design and Culture

For a young, dynamic start-up one of the key components to attracting new staff, when money can be limited, is to provide a cool, refreshing and unique office space and working culture, that breaks the mould of the typical 9 to 5 big business turning wheel.

Here co-working and serviced offices spaces can be a great investment for your start-up, with organically creative surroundings and in most cases, break out spaces so your team can enjoy a change of scenery when they go for their lunch or for holding team meetings.

Accessibility and Amenities

As mentioned earlier an easily accessible office space is a must for your team and clients, but also providing access to other amenities is something you should consider.

A city centre office space provides your team with access to shops and cafes, allowing them to easily grab lunch or get some shopping done saving them time after work. But you also want to check what other amenities your office space has, from high speed internet, to toilet and shower facilities, and things like bike racks, all providing morale boosting features for your employees.


We’ve left this to last, as it’s pretty obvious, that as a start-up the cost of your office space is crucial.

You need to feel confident that your office space decision isn’t going to be stretching your budget too thin in those early start-up months. Consider if there are any hidden costs, especially if you are being provided with what looks like an all-inclusive rental price, that says it covers things like your energy bills and internet, as these can sometimes have caps on, and if you go over them, you’ll find yourself with a considerable bill.

Ensure all your pricing and costing questions are sorted before you sign on the dotted line.

4 Office Space Options to Choose from for your Start-up

Start-up businesses these days have a whole wealth of office choices that can make start-up life easier, in the past the only options where homeworking or leased office spaces, which left you looking a little unprofessional or with a significant rental rates and furnishing bills.

But now there are a number of creative solutions that can help your start-up create a fantastic working environment for your team and clients and while offering you an array of suitable pricing options, so let’s take a look at four of the perfect start-up office solutions.

Virtual Offices

These provide a great solution for single or small start-up teams, allowing you to work from home or remotely while having a prestigious business address, which you can use for mail services, and some virtual office memberships such as our Virtual Plus plan also include a local landline number which can be directed to your mobile, giving you that air of professionalism while saving you considerably in those early days of your business.

Virtual office packages usually provide you with a substantial discount on meeting room usage allowing you to have a creative space to meet and impress clients in.

Hot Desking

A fantastic solution for small teams who want to make use of both office environments and remote working.

Hot Desking provides access to desk space and all the other facilities you’d expect from a co-working space, while allowing you to simply pay for the time you use the desk.

Co-Working Spaces

For those creative industries and powerful networkers, co-working spaces are a great investment space for your start-up, allowing you to have access to a great office environments, and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. Co-working office spaces also allow for you to easily scale up and down, as you pay per head for the space you need.

Serviced Office Spaces

For those start-ups requiring a little more privacy and the feeling of a fully fitted office environment, with all the bills included, but without the long-term inflexible contract of a leased property, serviced offices are the perfect option. With access to meeting rooms and breakout spaces, while offering you and your team a private and secure creative office environment to call home.

So, there you have it, a comprehensive guide to finding the right office for your start-up, taking into consideration the cost, size, cultural setting and office options available to you. If you’d like to learn more about all of Signature Works, office space memberships then get in touch with our team today via phone on 0151 558 1566 or click here to book a tour of our creative spaces.

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