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Uncertainty is part and parcel of managing any start-up business, from day to day you can be worrying if you’ll make it to the end of the month, whether your idea will take off, to growing so fast you start worrying that you’re going to run out of room for you and your team. And that’s where co-working and shared office environment can be a perfect fit, allowing you complete flexibility to add and subtract desk space as you grow month on month.

And here at Signature Works our Start-up office space solutions, range from hot desking, to co-working spaces and private serviced offices all providing a completely flexible solution for your start-up, to grow, develop and succeed.

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But the real value for your start-up is…


The real value that co-working start-up workspaces offer your fledgeling business is the opportunity to be part of a bustling and inspirational start-up community.

When it comes to building your team, there is nowhere better than a creative space, surrounded by other likeminded business you can bounce ideas off, ask advice and form working partnerships with, all helping your start-up business to grow and succeed.

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Simple & Flexible Office Solution


As all our start-up office memberships are inclusive of all bills and rent, with no hidden fees, and allow you to easily add or subtract desk space as you grow, ensuring your start-up benefits from a completely hassle-free office solution.


Part of a Community


Through curation of our co-working spaces, we help build a community of some of the most dynamic and disruptive young start-up businesses, allowing the growth and development of innovative teams and business partnerships.


Facility Access


Being a Signature Works member entitles your team to full use of all our creative breakout spaces and fully fitted meeting rooms, but your team also get access to fitness classes at our Signature Fit Club.


Signature Works Member Benefits


As well as a fantastic creative workspace for your team to grow, develop and feel inspired, as a Signature Works member you also receive a whole host of benefits from unlimited free tea and coffee, to postal services and catered meetings as well as access to Business Advice from Industry Leading Professionals and a bustling events calendar.

Meeting & Conference Rooms

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Our Start-up Office Space comes fully equipped with stunning meeting and conference rooms – available to book on request.

Storage Lockers

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Get the peace of mind knowing that your valuable documents and equipment will be secure with our storage lockets.

Free Business Events

Get free business advice from industry leading professionals, including The Signature Group’s Director – Lawrence Kenwright.

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