what are our Free Business Events

We’ll assist you in the development of your business idea into a feasible and financially viable company. Signature Works gives you direct access to mentors, advisors and influencers, allowing you to establish valuable contacts within your networks. The Signature Works Free Business Events are a platform where knowledge and experience can be shared, and connections can be built.

Imagine having your chance to speak with some of Liverpool’s leading business leaders. With your Signature Works Membership, you can move your business forward rapidly.

how does it benefit me?

Progressing your freelance career or startup is so much easier when you are connected to those in the know. The Signature Works Free Business Events are supported by Industry Leading Professionals including Lawrence Kenwright, the Director of The Signature Group. 

Whether you’ve designed an app but can’t progress to the development stage for lack of funding or have an existing business that has potential but consistently fails to meet productivity targets; our Free Business Events can help you overcome all commercial obstacles.

how do i get access?

Once you’ve signed up for Signature Works’ Membership, keep an eye out for our regular Business Events. Hosted every Friday, we invite a range of Industry Leading Professionals to discuss issues facing your business from Legal Advice to Lead Generation. 

Although our Free Business Events aren’t as fierce as Dragons’ Den, you’ll gain the valuable insights into your sector that you need to achieve all you aspire to! We know you are passionate about what you do and with practical support from our connections, the sky’s the limit.

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