Freelancing: How To Build Your Brand, Portfolio & Professional Network


Building a brand from scratch is a journey the Signature Group is very familiar with, having traveled the same road over the past ten years. Having reached a point where we are one of the most recognized names in the North West of England because of our stunning portfolio of hotels in Liverpool’s city centre along with Cardiff and Belfast, we are delighted to be able to coach our members on how to achieve the same for themselves.

If you have recently taken the decision to go it alone as a freelancer, congratulations! You are about to enjoy the UK’s most fulfilled independent workforce that is growing bigger by the day.

Signature Works in Liverpool is a dedicated flexible office space provider and we provide a wealth of support for freelancers to boost their success. Providing useful information is just one of the ways we can help.

The Elements Required for Building your Brand


The internet is hugely valuable for freelancers and for anyone else building a brand. In fact, it’s never been as easy as it is now to get your name out there and seen by an audience likely to buy from you.

However, the internet is a noisy place and with there being zillions of websites, it’s still hard to get yours to reach the top of the search rankings – or at least, it requires definite skill. Nevertheless, the internet is where you will be building, promoting and selling your brand and so you want to know how to navigate the space to your advantage.

Once you’ve done all the donkey work and your business is set up and you’re already working on a few independent projects, you are ready to get a more established presence online. You can do this by creating an online portfolio, consistently producing unique and compelling content and social media marketing.

Your Portfolio


Although portfolios are considered to be traditionally the domain of creative professions, most businesses have some kind of portfolio on their website these days. Whether it’s a menu of the services they provide or images of goods they manufacture, it’s almost a given that your website should give great examples of what you’ve achieved in your freelance career.

You can use case studies and testimonials as a way of introducing website visitors to what you do which have been shown to be highly effective in persuading buyers too. Obviously, if you’re a creative professional you will know exactly how to present your online portfolio and you should make the most of your skills on your own site design.


Blogs & Content Creation


One of the best ways of sending your message out to prospective clients is via your website’s blog. This is where you can really express your business personality, without having to worry about the confines of the presentation so much. Where other areas of your website will be dedicated to describing what you offer in greater detail, a blog section gives you license to reach your audience in a different way so that you can let them know if you have any special offers they might be interested in.

Social media offers the best opportunity to raise brand awareness and no matter what line of business you’re in, there’s a very good chance that your prospective buyers and clients will have social media accounts.

You can share your blog on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, etc and reach a lot more people who may want your services. You can even boost posts by paying a small amount of money and that allows you to set the demographic you want to reach to allow you to promote the posts people have shown interest in and expand brand recognition that way.



Aside from the online version of networking, getting together with other freelancers and small businesses is a great idea for growing your business and increasing brand awareness. Although some people may find networking meetings a little cheesy, if you happen to live in Liverpool, you can come along to one of our regular networking events and experience how relaxed and interesting they can be.

Forming connections with others in business can really boost your growth as a freelancer. With that in mind, Signature Works in Liverpool has a policy of granting our members access to our extensive network of local business leaders and influencers. We recognize that many independent workers simply need access to opportunity for them to grow, which is why we are dedicated to facilitating success for our growing membership.

Freelance Success: Get the Signature Advantage


Signature Works is dedicated to providing full support to its growing membership based in Liverpool. Working from the city centre’s stunning Cavern Walks, Signature Works co-working members have the advantage of some pretty significant membership benefits including:

  • FREE Membership of the high-tech Signature Fit Club in Liverpool
  • A Privilege loyalty card that offers a wide range of discounts and offers
  • Access to advice from Industry Leading Professionals


Working for yourself can be extremely rewarding but also very lonely. Come and join our collaborative community in the heart of Liverpool and you will be on a fast track to success in your chosen field. Signature Works is more than somewhere to rent a desk or hire a private office in Liverpool; we have a commitment to our members that is catapulting them to success.

Find out how Signature Works in Liverpool can boost your business and connect you with others to build valuable and profitable connections. Speak to our Membership Team on 0151 558 1566 or Book a Tour today!

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