Freelancing: How To Find Projects & Submit Proposals


If you have recently taken the decision to go it alone as a freelancer, congratulations! You are about to enjoy the UK’s most fulfilled independent workforce that is growing bigger by the day.

Signature Works in Liverpool is a dedicated flexible office space provider and we provide a wealth of support for freelancers to boost their success.

We endeavour to support our members as much as possible and providing useful information is just one of the ways we can help.

Where Will Work Come From?


This is one of the most common questions freelancers ask themselves and also one of the reasons given for not having the courage to take the plunge. One of the downsides of freelancing can be that you are the only one responsible for ensuring a regular stream of work. After all, the mortgage company or landlord aren’t’ going to waive your payment if you haven’t earned enough any given month and so the buck stops with you when it comes to keeping the income coming.

Planning and preparation is key when it comes to filling the work pipeline and knowing that you’re likely to have a down spell in the coming months can give you the right amount of time to find other projects to plug the gap. Generally speaking, when freelancers first start working for themselves, they find they take on projects they may not ordinarily consider so that they can build a portfolio.

It’s really useful to have as many clients as possible as well as some solid bread and butter accounts so that if you lose one bit of work, there will be other projects you can turn to instead. Running out of work is not an option for a freelancer when the bills need to be paid on time.

How to Get More Clients


If you are a Signature Works member you will probably not have a problem with finding new clients as we have a policy of getting our members to tender for lucrative contracts with our umbrella firm, the Signature Group. As one of the most expansive and successful brands in the North West of England, we have extensive connections within the business community. We also own a significant portfolio of hotels, bars, restaurants, private residences and co-working spaces, all of whom have requirements across all sectors.

Ultimately, Signature Works is a tight-knit community of skilled self-starters and freelancers and we tend to stick together. If you happen to be in Liverpool, we’d love to welcome you on board.

Submitting a Proposal


How you present yourself to prospective clients as a freelancer can make or break your chances of success. Fortunately, the digital era has introduced other ways of interviewing such as Skype. However, not everyone is skilled at delivering slick presentations and even though you may be a leader in your field if you lack the right communication skills you can easily create the wrong impression.

It’s absolutely crucial that you are yourself – plain and simple. Trying to create a certain impression, over promising without being sure you can deliver, stumbling over delivering the pertinent parts of your pitch, these are all things that can make you look less professional than you are.

Signature Works’ Events in Liverpool Power Better Proposals


The Signature brand has been around for ten years this year and we will celebrate our successful decade later in 2018. Over those years of growing our brand, we have developed a considerable network of successful business people and entrepreneurs who are more than happy to share their words of wisdom with our membership.

The CEO of The Signature Group, Lawrence Kenwright has personally hosted events at our Liverpool co-working space that have proven to attract lots of interest from members. Along with Lawrence, we have had some significant business leaders and influencers talk to members at our hosted events, including specialists in communication skills for freelance workers. You can learn all the skills you require to present your pitch with the flair of someone born to sell, by joining us here at Signature Works in Liverpool. To secure your attendance at our next event, visit our Events section!


How to Accept Money for Overseas Project Work


Many freelancers get paid in different currencies from all over the world, particularly if they are members of an online marketplace such as Upwork. The majority opt to open a PayPal account as this is widely used by the international business community. However, PayPal is a little inconvenient at times and if you use them to issue your invoices, it is pretty expensive as well!

There is a relatively new service from a firm called Transferwise, which is a firm that was co-founded by Richard Branson that offers a great new service that is very useful if you get paid by clients in America or Europe. It’s called a borderless account and you can activate it in a few currencies of your choice. What Transferwise does when you open a borderless account is create your own unique set of account numbers that conform to the standards of the corresponding country.


Freelance Success: Get the Signature Advantage


Signature Works is dedicated to providing full support to its growing membership based in Liverpool. Working from the city centre’s stunning Cavern Walks, Signature Works co-working members have the advantage of some pretty significant membership benefits including:

  • FREE Membership of the high-tech Signature Fit Club in Liverpool
  • A Privilege loyalty card that offers a wide range of discounts and offers
  • Access to business advice from industry leading professionals


Being a freelancer can be extremely rewarding but also very lonely. Come and join our collaborative community in the heart of Liverpool and you will be on a fast track to success in your chosen field. Signature Works is more than somewhere to rent a desk or hire a private office in Liverpool; we have a commitment to our members that is catapulting them to success.


If you’re a freelancer in Liverpool, you may want to ditch the confines of your lounge to join us at Signature Works. We’re located in the stunning Cavern Walks in the city centre and we have a wide range of fantastic opportunities for you to take advantage of that will boost your freelance career! Why don’t you choose to work from offices where the coffee flows freely, the environment is chilled and the WiFi superfast! Contact our Community Manager at Signature Works on 0151 558 1566 or book your tour today!

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