Seb, Nick & James – The Nuve Group

We Sat down with The Nuve Group to find out what they do and how Signature Works fits into their business.

Seb: My name is Sebastian Machado Velez, I’m the director of The Nuve Group, we have three divisions – Nuve FX, Nuve Telecoms and Nuve Energy.

Nick: Hi, my name’s Nick Hatton and I take care of Nuve’s marketing and telecoms division.

James: I’m James Tighe and I head Nuve Energy

Seb: We help small to large companies save money on different aspects of their business so that they can concentrate on what they do best. The Nuve Group has been around for about a year and a half and it started off when I was an FX broker for a company in London and I realised that not everybody had enough FX exposure so we had to offer them different services.

Nick: I joined The Nuve Group back in April last year and as we’ve grown and expended, we’ve introduced the telecom division and I now manage that aspect of the business as well.

James: Any clients that are having problems with their energy bills or if their energy contract is coming up for renewal, we’ll tender the market through 27 different suppliers to find them the best packages available.

Nick: We strive to keep our overheads down which allows us to pass our savings onto the clients.

Seb: Our office is based in Signature Works on the 5th floor on Hanover Street. I’ve found the experience working here absolutely fantastic, I like the atmosphere, I like the ambience, the people are great, I like the fact that there’s an espresso machine at arms length! If you’re in an office, it can be a bit lonely in there, a bit too like a prison. Being in here, it’s so much more open and you see friendly faces every day and you get to connect with new people every day, I’ve the connectivity at Signature Works fantastic!

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Seb, Nick & James – The Nuve Group
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